• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:big city,   brazil,   metro,  

Following the movements of ten people from different social and cultural backgrounds in São Paulo, the filmmaker redraws the map of South America's largest metropolis. It is the railway ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tramas torrent reviews

Matthew M (us) wrote: Should stopped at #4...Die Hard #5 was a massive waste of my time.

Michael M (ru) wrote: Not as bad as the reviews

John V (ca) wrote: Pretty predictable. But a decent flick.

Al M (jp) wrote: Pray for Morning seems to offer an original twist on he haunted house paradigm but then becomes the most boring, repetitive piece of crap ever. At the one-hour mark, I felt like it had been on for three times that length.

Michael S (it) wrote: Two very charming leads wasted by a bad script and tone-deaf direction

Marc L (it) wrote: While not a revelation, this is a very well-made doc about the annual Halloween-attractionesque "Hell House," put on every year by the Trinity Assembly of God Church in Dallas, TX. The Hell House is intended to frighten audiences with glimpses of common and uncommon moral lapses leading teenagers and adults to an eternity in punishment. Director George Ratliff succeeds by not taking sides in any religious debate nor does he mock his subjects. He simply observes them, and shows that, yes, these folks who claim they can speak to their god in made-up tongues and want to save the rest of us from their Hell are people, too. If you're already not among their flock, you will not be converted by watching this film, but will find an interesting "stranger in a strange land" in its construction and objective, earnest approach. You do also learn the bottom line: they do this performance every year because many people connect enough to its message of fear and salvation to come aboard.

Nadim A (de) wrote: Last Good Hindi Movie enjoyed with M y Father

Ashley H (gb) wrote: [i]Olive, the Other Reindeer[/i] is delightful holiday special that aired on Fox last winter. Drew Barrymore voices Olive the dog, who thinks she is a reindeer and goes on a quest to help Santa after one of reindeer can't. With the help of Martini the penguin, they try to accomplish their task while dodging the evil mailman who wants to stop Christmas. It's a hilarious special and should be seen when ever possible. To sum it up, it's great!

Jesse F (ru) wrote: I really don't understand the Hate for this one, it is in my opinion the darkest "Halloween" of all 10 films.

Breanna S (it) wrote: Not really what I was expecting, but for a movie of that time it's pretty good, and it's actors certainly help the movie. Has a good story without all the unnecessary special effects of newer movies that I tend to find most new movies spend far too long on rather than the actual story.

Teri D (mx) wrote: A sweet movie about love and relationships. Sarandon is magnificent at her role as you can see how love has kicked her around and her line "words like that could kill a person" when Spader mentions love shows that even though she's been unlucky in love, she still has hope and she's got feelings for him. The ending dissolves into a trite scene but the performance by Sarandon is mesmerizing. Definitely a chick flick, but a good one.

Annie Y (fr) wrote: a very weird film even for the 80's standard, because of the make-up, background music and the old-fashioned filmming technology just interesting in seeing those

Alex S (jp) wrote: Kinski muito perto de um surto dramtico, fotografia soberba, roteiro oscilante--que em outros diretores costuma ser defeito--: 'Cobra Verde' Herzog expondo seus melhores talentos. Aguirre e Fitzcarraldo so superiores, por narrarem mitos mais poderosos, mas 'Cobra' talvez seja um dos melhores filmes j realizados sobre a escravido (ainda que aqui o mote dos escravos sirva de apoio para contar outras histrias).

Dan A (gb) wrote: Great music by Richard obrien, the movie itself is strange and makes no sense. But because of the music it is a sick favorite of mine.

Isabelle P (ru) wrote: cette fois sirk nous plonge dans l'allemagne detruite et incoherente de 1944 . Entre les ruines, jeunes et moins jeunes tentent d'entretenir des reves pour survivre et esperer. Sirk nous pargne la caricature facile et aborde deja treize apres la fin de la guerre toute l'ambiguite du bon et du mauvais cot.

Charles P (mx) wrote: I laughed almost non-stop through the last 30 minutes which, I'm fairly sure, I wasn't suppose to laugh at. Now this is how you go off the rails!

Barbaranne B (br) wrote: Just finished watching Particle Fever. Documentary about group of scientists who eventually win the Nobel Prize for finding the elusive Higgs particle. It was exciting to see the passion that the scientists felt for their work. And, I saw something I had never ever seen before. People applauding explosively and in a heartfelt manner about these discoveries. People revering, appreciating, delighting in intelligence. Made me hit the books to see if I could grasp the physics.