Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

Low-life Harry falls in love with sweet Betty who inspires him to improve himself so he can marry her. He enters a $25,000 cross-country hiking contest. After many adventures he wins, pays off his father Amos's mortgage and marries Betty.

Low-life Harry falls in love with sweet Betty who inspires him to improve himself so he can marry her. He enters a $25,000 cross-country hiking contest. After many adventures he wins, pays ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike F (ru) wrote: Meh remake that not even the incomparable Claude Rains can save. Sad, but at least the DVD comes with the restored original!

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Started off interesting but just becomes way too messed up, even for a serial killer movie.

Elonore R (us) wrote: bon .. pas mal ..sauf que c'est un gros canulard cette soit disant autobiographie..

Jim P (jp) wrote: What a horrible, horrible movie. Wanted to turn the TV off but it was like watching a train wreck. I shudder to think what the first two were like.

Marisa R (it) wrote: I agree with another reviewer that Govinda was the best of the movie, that man can dance! I was disappointed with Vidya Balan because I know she can do much better, but oh well, we all got to pay bills. Salman and the Khamini were just unbearable!! the story was just really bad, with bad dialogues and mediocre performances. I dislike the excessive showing of skin... and yes the music was catchy, not enough to be downloaded though... bad bad bad

Lily E (es) wrote: I can not stop watching this wonderfully made film. It provides a unique aspect through the lifetime of a pair of females struggling to make it in the early 19th century, what you could call the Victorian age. Without a doubt, I recommend watching this movie.

Daniel A (jp) wrote: Very Boring and very French. Don't watch it.

Mark M (us) wrote: I'm a sports guy so this resonates maybe more for me and I really liked the movie. Nick Nolte brings a passion and realism to the lead role, can't say that for Shaq, and especially Penny Hardaway (too bad little Penny wasn't there with him). This subject is certainly not going away and in the wake of Ohio State's football program getting busted this movie creates an interesting perspective on the NCAA rules.

Ted W (ca) wrote: I found much to love and much to hate in Cimino's directorial debut. I'll make no secret, Deer Hunter was an incoherent mess to me filled with great performances. Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, by its nature of being a heist movie, maintains coherence with some really good performances (however the most substantial female role is Bridges'). The only time I felt cheated was a maudlin ending that had me wondering "why not just go to a hospital?"

Rosco B (us) wrote: "Broadsword calling Danny Boy!" Dick Burton huffs and puffs on the phone as Clint kills more Nazis than the rest of the allied forces put together in less than ten minutes. They chuck grenades at him. He flings them right back! They have machine guns. He has one under each arm! Sock it to Jerry, Clint. This Alistair MacLean based barnstormer also boats a top notch cable-car scrap, the most incomprehensible "explanation" sequence in any war movie, and a brilliantly bad ginger Gestapo boo boy. Ga'an on!

Tyler H (de) wrote: I've seen a lot of Toho movies, and this is one of the best I've ever seen. It blends special effects with a good sorry, without some of the goofiness or sloppiness of the later films. This has the usual ensemble of Toho actors and the great music and effects you would come to expect. I particularly enjoyed the miniatures and the oddness of the Mothra twins. All in all, a great film!

Private U (ag) wrote: oh dear ... time to move on from the sports movies Will! One star for the bear :)