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Juuso R (kr) wrote: Ei tt voi kyll hyvll uskollakaan sanoa hyvksi elokuvaksi. Olishan tm toki surkeammin voitu viel toteuttaa, mutta en suosittele tt edes lauantai-illan kevyeksi seikkailuksi.

Michael S (nl) wrote: IFC ran this recently during their Friday night Grind House block.To describe the move as Kafkaesque is an understatement. The film's title itself will pretty much get one into the right mindset. The performances were good, and it was definitely atmospheric, but I was left wanting. Definitely has some creepy moments, though. Make it a themed night and grab Cronenberg's eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor or even The Matrix for something more mainstream. While not quite following in the same vein, I could see matching this up with Blade Runner as well for a double feature. Blade Runner WITH the horrid narration that I am so fond of, if you can find it.

James O (ag) wrote: Like Caddyshack II, a lot of people don't like Omen IV, despite its entertaining and very creepy qualities. It's a quasi-remake of the first one, only replace Damien with a very snobby, spoiled brat of an antichrist, just the way the antichrist should be. She's also a liar and very, very deceptive. It is a very creepy film, but people don'ty like how its a repeat of the original, like Escape from L.A. It's basically the same plot as the original: The antichrist is born and attempts to bring upon the apocalypse, while killing a few people along the way. I liked when the girl went to the psychic fair and everyone was freaking out because of her "bad aura". This film even has the "vehicular decapitation" that the original had, only this time its less violent since this was a made-for-TV movie, akin to Psycho IV and Stephen King's IT. All around a good film, though lacks the scares of the original, even if its creepy in its own right,

Vikram T (ru) wrote: LOL this is a remake of his own film satya..haha

Kristen P (br) wrote: Just crying & laughing, pushing so many boundaries.

Michael A (us) wrote: This was a pretty slow moving and boring musical. Barbara Streisand was amazing as Fanny Brice and a few songs were good, but overall it was too long and uninteresting. The plot was very weak with not much happening. It was a Best Picture nominee of 1968 that I needed to scratch off my list. I would only give it a C+.

Gome A (es) wrote: So boring and complicated ...

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Hard to follow if you are not the same kind of person as Henry.

Claudette A (kr) wrote: A very powerful film of how journalists can easily get onto the wrong side of the law. Especially when those journalists are are reporting on injustices and violence in our world.

Sudipto B (br) wrote: bloopers were funnier

Tyler20 R (de) wrote: Standing out amongst modern horror trends, "The Babadook" focuses on it's characters and intriguing plot, while giving a frightening psychological experience.