Bree is about to get a sex change operation that will finally allow her to actually be what she’s already been in her mind for a long time: a transitioned woman. Yet before this happens she suddenly runs into her son who ends up coming for the trip across the United States.

Right in the midst of important changes in her life, pre-operative male-to-female Bree Osborne (Felicity Huffman) learns that 17 years ago, she fathered a son, Toby (Kevin Zegers), now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Remedios L (it) wrote: La pelcula es excepcional ya que recupera un captulo de la historia de esta gran mujer durante su participacin en el New Yorker en el proceso de juzgar a un nazi e incluir el tema de la banalidad del mal, y la participacin del consejo judio en el Holocausto. #AMustSee

Nicholas W (gb) wrote: This is a bad movie but the actors make it fun, especially Janet McTeer who is excellent. Paz Vega is actually the weak link and probably the least important character, oddly enough, considering they tried to market the film around her face and body.

Bala M (es) wrote: i love creepy movies. it freaks my sister out.

D M (ca) wrote: At a junkyard a high school science wiz finds a piece of equipment that opens black holes and portals. Only him, his butt-buddy and a nerdy girl from the school newspaper know of this (sound familiar? - see Zapped!). When the teacher (Dennis Hopper playing an old hippie) discovers this he gets sucked into the warp. Later the three kids try to shut it down but are transported to an alternate reality with Nazis, gladiators, monsters etc that they have to battle. Not as good as it sounds, the sets were on par with something terrible like Creepozoids, but this is a bit better for the kiddies.

Ivan M (fr) wrote: One of the most bizzare films I've ever seen in my life, it's something that strangely grows on you. It's a psychadelic taster of the chaotic, sex drugs & rock'n'roll atmosphere of the late 60s. Boiling the plot down to a bare nutshell, it is the story of Chas (James Fox), a 'performer', or a young London gangster who, after being forced to kill somebody in his flat, spends a day or two hiding out with former rockstar Turner (Mick Jacker), changing his appearance drastically in order to leave the country safely with a forged passport. The main theme of the movie is the gradual merging of Chas and Turner's personalities and appearances. Nicolas Roeg's choppy and experimental style of direction makes this a memorably wierd experience, and with strange sequences that come seemingly out of nowhere, it's as if the film is a bunch of drug-induced hallucinations. It takes a large effort to understand it, and the majority of today's mainstream audiences would walk out within the first ten minutes sadly, but there is something I can't put my finger on that makes it a film which I think is very significant. A mind-bending and fascinating movie.