Transamerican Killer

Transamerican Killer

After his girlfriend leaves him for a woman, a man has a sex change and kills all of her girlfriends to win her back.

After his girlfriend leaves him for a woman, a man has a sex change and kills all of her girlfriends to win her back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J M (nl) wrote: "Was It As Fun As Playing Miniature Golf?"***** 1/2When The Daughter Of The President Is Kidnaped Veteran Army Ranger & Secret Service Agent Robert Scott Is Assigned To The Task Force Of Recovering The Girl. Accompanied On This Mission Is A New Secret Service Recruit Ranger Curtis Who Is Training Under Scott. They Soon Discover A Human Trafficking Operation That They Believe Will Lead Them To The Girl. But When The Press Releases That The Girl Is Dead The Case Is Considered Closed. You Can't Lie To A Ranger: That Is What Curtis Tells Scott. But Why Does Scott Care If The Story Of The Girl Being Dead Is A Lie? He's Just A Worker Bee: That Never Wanted To Be A Handler, Or A Planner, & Never Claimed To Be. He Just Does What He's Told & Avoids The Political Nonsense That He Thinks Is As Fun As Playing Miniature Golf. When Curtis Tells Him That They Have An Army That Depends On Them For The Truth Curtis Is Shortly There After Shot By A Sniper & Scott Takes His Last Words To Heart, & Becomes Determined To Accept The Consequences & See The Mission Through Till The Truth Is Known.~I Give This Film An A (Amazing) ***** 1/2

Alf L (es) wrote: A very funny swedish comedy.

Aaron M (ru) wrote: Sean Penn and Christopher Walken. Need I say more? Great flick.

Alex B (gb) wrote: an intruiguing epic about america in 1900s - truly transports you back in time. It has intertwining stories of people from different social classes trying to find their way in the new modern age as well as news stories from that period. I liked the film except that the stories weren't developed well. I suspect the book is much better.

jay n (ru) wrote: TV made suspense movie isn't really very good but if you're a fan of disaster movies or spoofs thereof this is one to see. It's hard to take too seriously since Lloyd Bridges' dialogue here really is a foreshadowing of his role in Airplane! As for the rest it's all pretty standard.

Dan A (br) wrote: Gross dark comedy. And I low it. One of a kind

Jos M (jp) wrote: Extraa historia sobre un grupo de monjas recluidas en un castilllo en el Himalaya, tiene una grandiosa fotografa y buenas actuaciones especialmente Mrs Kerr

Tyler S (mx) wrote: I don't know what's worse...the fact I watched this movie or the fact I watched this movie...Richard Gere plays a man going through a midlife crisis who decides to take up dancing with J Lo as his insturctor....a romance ensues between the 2 during dance lessons. It's cheesy predictable and Gere overacts. I'm a Gere fan but this was one of the cheesiest films I've ever seen.Susan Surrandon was wasted here also.

Jared A (us) wrote: There's a reason this is one of the most highly rated baseball pictures in film. It explores the true fabric of the game. It's laughter and it's sorrows.

Kaiulani D (gb) wrote: Fantastic insight into the life of a music business legend.

Yannick D (au) wrote: The Two Towers builds tension more fluidly and is even grander in spectacle. It is also the entry into the trilogy that makes it unmistakably clear you'll have to look elsewhere than just the films in order to make sense of important plot points.