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Transeunte torrent reviews

Steven W (mx) wrote: Awesome movie! I think Disney Animations get better and better. You can enjoy it as an adult because of the story and the video game references and enjoy watching it with your kids because they will like the animated characters.

Michael D (br) wrote: love this movie! especially the nagada song

Aidan W (br) wrote: As good as any movie gets, in my opinion.

Jason S (nl) wrote: Unfunny horrible garbage.

April W (ag) wrote: beatiful scenery should have been longer

Jesse M (mx) wrote: it amazing 40/30 laws felt in this fining 13 years ago but for us the movie not have circular story.

Jonathan A (fr) wrote: While the majority of this film is bordering on classic sci-fi territory, the last quarter or so of this film almost completely derails it.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Director Joe Dante tries to make Small Soldiers a homage to old horror films as well as a parody of one, but he fails to find the balance to make it work. He ends up parodying the childish science fiction action films of the 1980's like Megaforce and the animated masterpiece Toy Story, but his efforts are half assed in ensuring that either the story or the actor is sufficient The script in Small Soldiers is cheap and cliche, and it gives the worst of lines to its teenage girl character played by Kirsten Dunst who is obviously too intelligent an actress to be naturally saying the kind of poorly written teenage girl dribble that they force upon her. She displays her promise as an actress and clearly is talented, and she's too talented for this wasteful dribble called a film.The story, frankly, is just a dull version of a low-concept plot. If this film had have been solely animated then it could have been entertaining as a children's action flick but as a live action animated hybrid it's just a wasteful use of resources which could have been put to much better use. When it comes to a film like this, there is no way the characters can end up as anything more than weak characters in a stupid plot with cliche dynamics and a lack of direction.The fun for kids would have to be in there somewhere, but I really don't have the best luck finding it. I mean, usually where is a mild sense that some small element of the story could be believeable in some childish fun way, but I just could not pick up on it in Small Soldiers. I was just thoroughly bored and didn't find the action entertaining or comedic in the slightest, and really the concept just started weak and dissolved from there consistently.So aside from Kirsten Dunst's efforts and the fact that much of the voice cast of the animated characters are the stars of The Wild Bunch, Small Soldiers is a waste of a poor concept which is misdirected and lacking the fun it should have.

Mike R (de) wrote: Arguably the worst Disney film.

Connor R (ca) wrote: Despite being my spirit movie it is still one of the stupidest things I've ever watched.

Kilo D (nl) wrote: Brutally funny and fuelled with passion and a wonderful cast, "Bullets Over Broadway" also features some of Woody's finest visual moments. Endlessly quotable, here are but a few: "Let me tell you somethin' about teachers. I hate teachers. Those blue-haired bitches used to whack us with rulers. Forget teachers.""He's working on a vehicle for Helen for next season. She plays Jesus' mother. It's a whole Oedipul thing. He loves her... wants to do in the father... well you can see the complications.""Who's this Hamlet guy? He live around here?"

Bill B (jp) wrote: I defy anyone to show me a shred of evidence that anyone involved in this turkey actually knew any martial arts. The plot is incidental, and the fighting is so corny to watch you wonder why they sold this on the idea of a female martial arts heroine.Possibly worth a look for genre fans, but others should pass.

Jan M (jp) wrote: Great 80s movie about relationships: lightweight yet adult, with great cast and terrible music.

Natalie C (br) wrote: Not bad movie keep u on ur toes.