• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Transformation 2008 full movies, Transformation torrents movie

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Transformation torrent reviews

brett l (au) wrote: Love the first one and liked this one too. I camp like this a lot, so that's probably why it affects me more than others who watch these type of horror movies.

Kjetil H (nl) wrote: Fet doku om fett plateselskap. Fikk laget mye bra de folka her, men s hadde de jaggu mye bra dop oxo!!!

Dyron W (ag) wrote: Painfully dull and familiar.

Michael W (it) wrote: I loved it; easy on the mind, easy on the eyes, effortlessly comical. A film that doesn't ask you to look too deeply into it's story, and in doing so, leaves a margin to revel in it's serenity. It does tick me off that people feel it necessary to make comparative comments - absently so - noting the Coen Brothers. This sort of remark is becoming trite and vogue at present, and is nothing but redundant, unconstructive and uninformative in any critique I've read to date.

Michael S (kr) wrote: A rambling, incoherent mess of a movie with one atrocious performance/decision after another. Everything is horrible: the acting, the music, the camerawork, the structure, the ending.... Dear God, the ending! In terms of whodunit, you can pick him out in the first fifteen minutes. On the awfulness scale, this falls squarely between "Battlefield Earth" and "Gigli."

Red L (ag) wrote: Pretty weak movie. There is so little to the story.

Dan H (nl) wrote: Kinda liked it. Nice little twist.

monica m (jp) wrote: how u see the full movie????

Chris D (es) wrote: At 2 hr 51 mins Hoop Dreams Shines perfectly.

Carol H (us) wrote: A surprisingly sappy and unfunny movie to a beloved comic strip.

Todd G (gb) wrote: The build up is long, it is overly violent, and the story sucks. I prefer the sequel to this movie: Conan the Destroyer.

John H (mx) wrote: Curious to see what inspired Tarantino.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: A typically finely-shot and well-scripted drama from Akira Kurosawa, but after all the intrigue and character experiments, which are quite painfully acted, the main point seems lost.

Robert G (jp) wrote: I wouldn't say this is a bad movie. They were obviously rushing to capitalize an the success of Taken and I think they just rushed it too much. They had what could have been a good script with good characters but it needed some refining and would have benefitted greatly from more time. Travolta was very entertaining, the cover advertised he not been better since "Pulp Fiction" of course bull, but he was good. I like Rhys Meyers. I haven't seen much of him in film, but what I have seen from him in The Tudors tells me that this guy can act. Here he gave very flat performance, some of the writing was cheesy but Travolta pulled it off, Myers Did not. This movie is good to get your action movie fix, maybe a Travolta movie marathon or a date night movie but not much more. Give it a rent if you have time but don't go out of your way to see it.