Matthew and Elena are about to face the worst night of their lives when four burglars trespass into their home looking for easy money. But things don't go as planned. Tension and fear take ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Transgression torrent reviews

Linda B (jp) wrote: I've been wanting to see this for a while. Interesting and easy to watch.

Matthew S (us) wrote: A very unfortunate title for a very interesting psychological horror film. What makes this film work is the unusually casual way in which we see the story develop and come together. Solid performances and a movie that is far smarter than it looks in the trailers, promotion and title.

Jerome M (mx) wrote: A well-done documentary. For my wife, who wasn't a Rush fan growing up, she finally "got it" about Rush.

Jordon J (gb) wrote: A chilling & disturbing tale of violence,Believe it or not actually a good film from director Uwe Boll i can't believe im saying this but this is a film that is actually worth watching by him,It's based on a true story & its just a disturbing & brutal flick but a good film SEE IT!!!

Ingalill T (ru) wrote: When I'm in an action-mood I watch this one. So damn good!

Millo T (es) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. Chaplins shows that he can not only make silent humor (even, he although does not always use in a movie with sound, as he did in The great dictator), but also combine a light dark comedy with deep thinking about ruin, evil, sin, love and hope. With no great moral lessons in this movie but a complex ambiguity close to cynicism, you strangely like this character, even more when their victims deserve, most of the times, to die. Curious.

Zdravko P (ag) wrote: Movies like that if it were made today would have a lot of stupid music and too many shots of the city surrounding the characters of the film you know? They all meet so quickly. I enjoyed that. Today you would need corny lines. telephone rings and bells before the characters meet. I know it sounds like i dont know what im talking about. well i dont. It's hard to review old movies objectively or whatever. I really like mariam hopkins. She was adorable. But a little stuck up. March & Cooper i thought i gotta see more of their movies. Cooper is such a little boy in a giant mans body. It's interesting to see romance and flirting and sex and all that in those times. Ok heres my point. In the middle of the movie they have this pact "no sex" and that was that no montages or silly music. If it were made today it'd be all about 3 people..i dont know im gonna go have dinner.

Anastasia (fr) wrote: Remake, don't like Jane (11, 12, 14, June 2015) ABC Family