A family on a road trip is stalked by criminals who stashed stolen money in their car.

Just out of prison, Nate needs to regain his family's trust and takes them on a road trip. But their vacation goes horribly wrong when bank robbers hide their stolen loot in their car. They chase down the family to kill them and get the loot back, but run into a fight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Transit torrent reviews

Tina A (kr) wrote: The only complaint that I have is the cheese overload with the music and the kids at the end.And well Queen Latifah as the story teller wouldn't have been my choice.Otherwise it was great.Beautiful to see and happy and sad and wonderful :)

Michael O (us) wrote: I saw this two years randomly at the LA Film Festival.The most original voice in movies I've heard in while. I love the idea of revisiting places and moments with a different mood and gaze.I'm interested in seeing anything else this man with a horribly difficult name to pronounce.

Sam M (mx) wrote: It was pretty good then it was good enough to finish off.

Josh J (mx) wrote: This movie is much better than it gets credit for. Yes it was over-hyped, but it certainly doesn't warrant a 19% score. Its a great middle of the day cable TV movie.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: 2: If I could only use one word to describe "Sunless" it would probably be pretentious. In a bad way. The images are all fairly interesting and they are also edited together quite well, but the narration is awful. At times it really stuck in my craw as it were. I just couldn't get over the feeling of mild revulsion towards the filmmakers. This isn't to say there weren't elements of the film that were brilliant. The exploration of the Japanese culture from an outsider's perspective is rather fascinating. The scenes of volcanic destruction in Iceland are breathtaking and beautiful. The scene of the giraffe being slaughtered by a high-powered rifle and then apparently being left largely to rot by the Western hunter is revolting and least of all due to the vultures digging into the eye socket. It's the gushing geyser of blood from the chest as the giraffe tries to maintain it's balance and slowly begins to realize it's time is up that is really shocking. Interesting film that I'm sure some love. However, I hate a bit of a love hate relationship with it which forces me to give it a 2. I just wouldn't feel right giving it anything higher despite all of its charms.

Mrten K (ru) wrote: If, for reasons defying logic and all that is holy, you've been wondering why there haven't been more attempts at mixing a Herbie movie with a heist movie, I believe here's your answer.