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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Transition torrent reviews

s g (br) wrote: Oh please. This trash needs to be trashed!

Bryan B (kr) wrote: It's a good to passable film. The script could have done with a lot of editing and been shaved down a bit to get rid of some of the unnecessary and/or convoluted plot devices early on, but the product that is there is a very good albeit very rough film that actually does a good job at being affecting.

Kat R (ag) wrote: This movie is pretty much split 50/50 between people who liked it and those that didn't, and I can see why. This movie is uncomfortable to watch, there are large parts that are strangely shot, and it doesn't deliver scares in the way the horror movie going public is used to. For all of these reasons it's one of my favorite and most recommended horror movies out there. It's not about getting cheap thrills, it's about a lot of the realities surrounding serial killers. From some serious torture scenes to one of the best movie portrayals of Stockholm Syndrome I've seen, I recommend this movie because it sticks with you. It's not just about the same-old torture porn that every serial killer movie has, it reminds you of the reality of serial killers loose in the U.S. today. It is definitely worth your time if you're a die-hard horror movie buff.

Rayneeil V (de) wrote: copied from various sources (eg. sharman joshi's story from The Apartment), but overall worth a watch

Linda N (it) wrote: This is quite a thriller I had to watch a few times.

Sergel C (de) wrote: At no time does the movie ever catch fire, come to life, or show a spark of imagination.

Bart (fr) wrote: better than sex = VANILLA!

Ed Fucking H (gb) wrote: After really enjoying Frankenhooker I thought I'd give the Basketcase trilogy another shot, and have to say my main complaints about the first one carry right over to this one. It's too silly to really be scary, but not funny enough to truly carry itself based soley on it's humour. Not to say there isn't funny portions here and there. The Opera singing freak was funny. So was the scene where the freaks arbitrarily where masks to "hide" their deformities and the stupid cop actually falls for it. And the sex scene between Blial and his lady friend were funny too I suppose. But a couple laughs isn't enough to raise this beyond the level of mediocrity I still associate this series with. It's not that I don't like these movies, I just don't think their great. Good for a couple laughs I suppose, but not funny enough to demand repeat viewings. Ah well, now I guess I HAVE to watch Basketcase 3 at some point. Won't be in a rush, but will get around to it eventually.

Eric H (mx) wrote: One of the funniest movies you'll find in the 99 cent rental section. Probably one of the late John Candy's most hilarious roles and you can see glimpses of the great actor that Tom Hanks has become. This movie is an excellent spoof of several movies, most notably, The Bridge on the River Kwai. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking an hour-and-a-half of belly laughs.

Eric B (gb) wrote: A casual glance at "Salvatore Giuliano"'s particulars suggests an organized-crime saga, but instead it's an extremely convoluted tale (based on fact) of an assassinated Sicilian revolutionary. The political situation -- government vs. Sicilian separatists vs. Mafia -- is quite specific and doesn't have much appeal to people without a pre-existing interest in the situation, and the film is constructed such that almost none of the actors are featured enough to create a lasting impression. The title character himself doesn't even appear onscreen, except as a corpse (the action cuts between the present day and flashbacks). Sure, portraying the protagonist as an unseen cypher is a daring move, but it robs the viewer of making any emotional connection with him. With raw, documentary-like direction and a minimal score that goes no further than occasional growling drones, the film fails to have any sensuous appeal either. This is a sophisticated, admirable piece of work, but it's a tough one to even finish.

Melanie L (us) wrote: My kind of movie, love movies based on true events