Transport z raje

Transport z raje

Teresienstadt camp where Nazis held prominent Jews during the World War II. Film shows last days of the camp under the Nazis.

Czechoslovakian Zbynek Brynych directs this psychological drama set in World War II Terezin ghetto. A dark, visual portrayal of the trials and tribulations the Theresienstadt people faced on a daily basis presented in a series of memorable stories. Their hopes and dreams unfold against the perpetual threat of deportation (or worse) by the Nazis. Based on the novel "Night and Hope" by Arnost Lustig. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris D (it) wrote: remarkable and interesting but second half falls flat

Livvie H (mx) wrote: Best family movie ever!!

Ieda M (de) wrote: Very subtle and delicate. Very nice surprise this evening, I'm happy I had insomnia.

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: A really intense, hard look at how some Americans do Christianity. Originally, I wasn't too bothered by the hardcore teachings of repentance and our need for God's grace. However, some lines are crossed if you look at it from a Biblical perspective. Either way, an intriguing look into something real.

Steven M (jp) wrote: During the first twenty minutes I questioned whether the pace of this could sustain my interest. Nothing of note seemed to have happened. I eventually realised that the pacing gives rise to a beautifully subtle characterisation. It appears unplanned but ofcourse is due to the skill of the documentarians. The disposition of the teacher, I can't recall anyone calling him George, is so suited to the tone of the film - the languid pace, the long, assured takes. When he spoke I often just listened and looked to the children's reactions and this gave all the information I needed about their lives. This is a quiet masterpiece.

Joan C (fr) wrote: [b]Palookaville (1995). Alan Taylor and all the actors of this movie have created a true piece of art about American youth in industrial neighborhoods in the US. [/b]

Stephen E (nl) wrote: This is not a film about a man moving up in the world of crime, but rather about his decline. The farther up he goes, the harder it is to go back down. Giving up begins to seem more and more futile, even if it means running for the rest of his life. There is a cast of fine performances in "Straight Time", but the best acting comes from Hoffman, whose meticulous performance the film dwells upon. He manifests the character of Max better than any other actor imaginable, and not once does his acting ever falter.

Scott C (nl) wrote: I can't remember it too well, but I know it was very disturbing.

Benjamin W (jp) wrote: While I'm not too familiar with the legend of Orpheus, I was able to pick out some key mythological connections that made watching this as enjoyable as "West Side Story", at least in comparison to a modern telling of a classic story.

Alec B (it) wrote: The John Wayne/Angie Dickinson romance is entirely unbelievable, but just about everything else is a fine example of Hawks' singular talent for directing. Also, I was surprised Martin had the chops to pull off this complex of a performance.

Athena Q (kr) wrote: A captivating story about tolerance. Upon first glance, this may seem like some random cheesey Sci-Fi movie. But it's actually a beautiful story about putting aside personal prejudices. It may take being abandoned on an alien planet to realize that your worst enemy has the ability to become your best-friend, but maybe we could take the lessons taught by this touching tale and put them into action here & now on our own planet. A fitting watch on this anniversary of the abolishment of slavery in America.

Ildefonso M (fr) wrote: I usually have mixed feelings with films like this. The writers turn characters into "Types" after about 10 minutes, and sometimes it's forgivable, it's all how you're about it. A strong premise, taking place in a parallel world, er 'Earth? Everyone bases their lives on the frequency strength given off, and everyone knows that number as well. This number will define your destiny in life, no matter how hard you may attempt to ignore or disengage it. The universe will work hard to either, make things in your life work in your favor, or against you. But even going into some detail now, although there is plenty to provoke thoughts throughout, it feels more interesting to just explain it.

Haider A (mx) wrote: A Jachie Chan Movie! isnt that enough to tell you that its piece of the art ;)