Las Vegas promoters planning a review starring Jahna Steele invited transgender women to participate in "The World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant," a two-day contest from which eight ...

Las Vegas promoters planning a review starring Jahna Steele invited transsexuals to participate in "The World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant," a two-day contest from which eight or so... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trantasia torrent reviews

Jerry H (kr) wrote: Produced as part of the "Family Movie Night" venture from Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble, "Change of Plans" is a sweet, squeaky-clean, pro-family comedy/drama that features original music and some "fish out of water". Sally (Brooke White, "American Idol") and her husband are living it up, when, out of nowhere, they get a call that, after the death of an old friend, they are now the guardians of four children who, up to that point, have lived in Uganda. Life in these States is quite different than what they're used to, and the new parents doubt their ability to raise children, so it's a tough situation for everyone. The actors--especially veteran actress Phylicia Rashad ("The Cosby Show")--all did quite well. There was a bit of pokiness, but the film's content is 100% innocent, save for one profane utterance. Some of the expressions of strong emotions may be a bit much for the very young, though. I'm not sure if people will still be talking about "Change of Plans" in fifteen years, but, it still makes for enjoyable viewing. Anyone looking for a little-known, family-friendly film should go pick this up from their local library or rental store.

Scott B (jp) wrote: Absolutely wonderful Colombian slow-burn horror! If you like your hotror films with actual tension and story rather than "BOO!" moments, this is a must see.

Jared B (kr) wrote: Really cool first action sequence. Doesn't do anything else for me beyond that.

Manny C (ca) wrote: Murderball is a most fantasti documentary film, a smart, cliche devoided doc about quadriplegics who play rugby for the U.S. Paralympics team. Its full of action, profanity, even sex, all captured by filmmakers Henry-Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro as things lead up to the climactic face off between the American and Canadian teams. It's unabashedly outrageous fun.

Kristen A (nl) wrote: kinda wish they got together in the end

Zaihomi M (it) wrote: I just cry like and idiot with the end when Sara it's being and making happy her little kid! it breaks my heart!

Heath G (ru) wrote: This is one time where RT is way off. While not perfect this movie was very funny overall. The worst part was the last segment of the film, which may account for some of the negative reviews. I didn't care for the moralistic ending, but at least they kept the cars! Everything from Nick Papageorgio, to Randy Quaid, to Club Aereola was hilarious. And if you love Vegas themed movies as I do, it adds a couple of stars to the rating. The scene at Cousin Eddies trailer out in the desert was filled with laughs. There are many people who have also given reviews where they enjoyed this installment in the series. For those who say the film was horrible, lighten up! This is not supposed to be award winning cinema! But it is definitely funny & enjoyable with a few flaws. When I went on a road trip with some friends, we played this to get psyched up for Vegas! And whenever I go to LV, I think of this film! And vice versa. As Clark Griswold said,!!

David H (jp) wrote: A great Chinese Mafia Thriller by Christophe Gans

William T (fr) wrote: This spanish melodrama is both provocative and raunchy. Too bad Jamon, Jamon follows obvious paths.

Josh P (it) wrote: Do The Right Thing has not aged as well as one might hope. While still a solid movie in 2015, all the swearing, 1 dimensional characters, and scattershot inner city affair give more a brief glimpse of individual struggle, focusing too much on the big picture, and not enough on internal pain. Still pretty good though overrated. Grade: B

Chok S (fr) wrote: If you expect this to be anything like its original film, then you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why. Black Christmas remake here is pretty much straight forward on delivering the blood and hot chicks getting slaughter one by one rather than building up the scare like the original film. However, it has its effort in doing so but still it's just too silly and quite unintentionally funny and laughable in couple of scenes. The GORES here are pretty much satisfying enough even though it looks fake but it's just purely to make it gleefully fun for horror fans. It does borrow some elements from the original version and tries to be SCARY but ultimately fails most of the time. Nonetheless what I really admire this film for is the tone and lighting which really gives a grisly festive mood and makes it quite visually appealing to watch throughout. Overall, this is slasher Christmas-themed film that's gleefully offensive in its content and bloody silly enough to be remembered as another fun, brainless, and cheesy movie suitable for you naughty peeps to watch on Christmas and ruins all the good-spirit of this festival. [C+]

Private U (ag) wrote: Not a film that will hyped up in the mainstream, but I for one can't wait to see this. Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei, Mickey Rourke directed by

Anthony A (ca) wrote: Paddy Considine plays the role of Richard, a military troop who is the brother of a mentally challenged young adult. The movie starts out to show that Anthony (Rich's brother) dealt with heavy peer pressure by a group of thugs. This bringing the plot of the film to be based around a revenge-style film. Through-out the entirety of the film, Richard is taking revenge on the group some years later. But as the story progresses, you learn that Anthony dealt with a lot more than just peer pressure and Richard is out for revenge on more than just tormenting the group.Overall, this was a fantastic movie and kept you glued to it. The plot, and acting were well done but the use of grainy film for the flashbacks was a little dull, but doable. If you're a fan of UK suspense drama's and of Paddy Considine, this is a great movie for you!

Magda P (jp) wrote: 3,5/5 tylko dlatego ?e to Tolkien i dla Martina Freemana. Minus za wielokrotn? g?upot? w scenariuszu i za to, ?e do tej pory nie wiem kto jest Pi?t? Armi?... :/

Todd G (us) wrote: Yeah, the first five minutes seemed a bit interesting, but then it just went downhill from there. A few funny parts, but overall, just not worth the time.