Trapped In Paradise

Trapped In Paradise

The Firpo Brothers can get away with anything. They just can't get away!

The movie follows the exploits of three bungling robbers as they try to escape from the quiet town of Paradise, PA. While the trio run around town with their stolen loot, they are beseiged with the kindness of the townfolk that might just set them on the path of rightousness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ole J (es) wrote: Very interesting, I'm not into politics and especially not US politics, but it's interesting to see a man that is behind so much in politics, well if he didn't invent the phrase "spindoctor", then he certainly makes good use of it.

Elena S (de) wrote: very.. Very.. Lame..

Cameron M (es) wrote: Cleverly animated and well-paced between thrilling action and character development, Sinbad is a fun and exciting adventure.

debbie p (ca) wrote: funny but also covers issues really well

Leia C (de) wrote: I just loved it! A great girl power, gang action-packed, kick butt 70s movie. I especially loved Lacy. This is an awesome movie.

Lone W (nl) wrote: again wasnt as good as the others to be fair not sure how this fits in they could have easily done the first to and walked away main downing point was fact was no original cast members in the movie

Gavin P (es) wrote: A solid samurai film, with the loner taking it upon himself to rid a town of two warring gangs. Plenty of funny moments and lots of joker-ish characters make it not all serious, but there's also plenty of slow stretches where nothing much happens - feels like it could have been a great/fast-paced 85min film! Fight scenes were good, but could've been better. Satisfying ending.

Harim K (mx) wrote: you kinda get sick of the theme song, which effectively brings out the melodramatic, soapy aspects of this wartime romance

Aj V (fr) wrote: I just saw the MST3K version of this movie, it was hilariously bad. The whole idea of this guy blaming his parents for all his bad decisions and everything was silly. The actors and their dialogue aren't very good, and neither is the production value. Not really a worth while movie, but the version I saw was fun anyway.

Logan M (mx) wrote: There's not a lot of originality, bit there's plenty of good old western atmosphere and action.

Arnold V (ag) wrote: Awesome movie the had a great story nice and smooth and tom cruise is a beast

Lisa M (ca) wrote: I thought it was cute and funny. Husband not so much...

Jacob A (gb) wrote: Best Star Wars movie ever.

Jack P (ru) wrote: a brilliant thug film with a great unique story

Scott R (it) wrote: A psychological thriller with grainy film to make you sick to your stomach. Basically, it's unforgettable.