Trapped in Silence

Trapped in Silence

A compelling drama about a silent, violent teenager. Kevin suffers from elective mutism and no one has ever heard him utter a word.

A pschologist tries hard to get through to kid who can talk - but won't. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TG S (fr) wrote: If u c it High Hype.,. u will have a great disappointment.. Cos it tells only a story of a refugee who works his life to become a DON

Jimmy C (ca) wrote: Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, Oh wait! I forgot what I want to say.. Oh yeah! BAD!

Zachary Y (br) wrote: though through its cynicism it clearly shows why movies like American Grafitti are bad, and a strong supporting scene stealing performance from Jahn Hawkes, the film is predictable and pointless.

Ben L (br) wrote: This is a movie about a guy who makes movies. Actually more specifically he is a sound technician on B-quality slasher films. The whole setup for the movie is excellent because he is out recording some fresh sounds when he hears a car wreck, and potentially something more sinister. However no one wants to believe him since audio evidence isn't strong enough to convince anyone. This leads our hero, Jack, on a difficult and dangerous mission to prove he knows what he heard. The potential of this plot is tremendous. I love that Jack's profession gives him some expertise to figure out what's going on, and the way he frequently uses his skill at recording and recognizing sound in order to help with the investigation. They could have set the stage with Jack's history with law enforcement earlier, because it adds a nice layer of depth to his character, but where it was placed in the film was the best place to work it in naturally to the conversation. The problem is the plot ground to a halt and became much less interesting when the villain was reduced to a single person, and the primary threat was just losing one annoying girl's life.Yes, I just said that. Nancy Allen plays Sally who is quite possibly one of the most annoying human beings on Earth. I rank her right up there with Kate Capshaw's irritating performance as Willie Scott. She's made even worse when they later reveal that she's not as innocent as it might appear at first. How am I supposed to care about this girl? For about 90% of the movie I thought pre-Joker-style-plastic-surgery John Travolta was actually quite good in the lead role. He had me rooting for him, which is tough since I've never been a big Travolta fan. Then a big emotional scene comes and I'm completely taken out of the film. He can't produce any genuine tears, and his facial expressions are contorted so awkwardly I almost want to chuckle. Of course the slow-motion camera move and over-dramatized music doesn't help either. The best actor in the film is John Lithgow. It's tough because I've become so accustomed to him in comedic roles, but his portrayal of Burke is downright chilling. He can be creepy when he wants to be, and then in the next scene you see him flash that smile and you can understand how an unwitting woman would totally trust him.I think what was missing for me in Blow Out was the mystery. They started off so strong, but less than halfway through the film they reveal who's behind everything and why. It takes away the dramatic punch of Jack's investigation and we are just waiting for the final confrontation we know will be coming between Jack, Sally, and Burke. They didn't create a strong enough story to support the nearly 2 hour run-time. It seems like Jack is doing the same thing over and over again as well, just filling time. Listening to his audio, creating the video, copying the video, hiding the video, trying to convince someone he knows the truth, sneaking around, etc. On and on it goes and we seem to make little or no advancement to the plot. I think they might have hung too many hopes on Sally's sub-plot with her partner to carry the middle section, but I just don't care about their little disagreements. Once the closing section starts up I'm back on board and excited again, but it takes awhile to get there. So Blow Out starts out strong and ends with a bang, but that slow burn in the middle is what will keep me from watching again in the future. That and Nancy Allen's performance...*gag*

Eli M (de) wrote: One of the funniest and most clever movies I have watched.

Ash W (mx) wrote: Very underrated movie! Great supporting cast a real underdog movie and makes u feel proud to be a Brit!!

Anand K (nl) wrote: How to not make a scary movie

Steve S (gb) wrote: It was pretty bad. I was surprised how bad the acting was with the mainstream actors. Therefore I have to assume it was bad directing. Also the story didn't really make sense or at least it wasn't explained well. The whole thing felt like it was designed by a teenager with a "really cool idea."