The movie follows Joe (Dallesandro), a heroin addict, throughout his quest to score more drugs. The episodic plot occurs over a single day and centers around Joe's problematic relationship with his on-off, sexually frustrated girlfriend (Woodlawn). During the course of the day, Joe overdoses in front of an upper-class couple, attempts to fool Welfare into approving his methadone treatment by having Holly fake a pregnancy, and frustrates the women in his life with his drug-induced impotence.

The story of Joe [Dallesandro] and his lover-protector, Holly [Woodlawn], who is something to behold, a comic book Mother Courage who fancies herself as Marlene Dietrich but sounds more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler L (es) wrote: This movie fucking sucks in like 10 different ways. So the acting is complete shit. the story made shitty sense like i can go watch a child's cartoon and it would have a better plot then this. I spent more time laughing then screaming at this movie, oh wait that's because i never screamed. Whoever wrote the script for this movie should be fired. 0/10 would not watch again.

The Fat Man Q (nl) wrote: I had no expectations going into this movie. I was too concerned about losing a bet that would result in me watching Bottoms Up. I lost that bet, and it got changed to Pledge This. World of hurt. On to the review. This movie was a typical okay budget stupid comedy, except it wasn't funny. Usually you have some scene that makes the wait worthwhile, some slapstick bit or great stunt, but I never saw it. The acting was okay at best, the plot was incoherent (not that we see comedies for plot, but take a little pride in your work, k?), and the technicals just unimpressive. Locations were quite pretty. Canada is a nice alternative to the typical L.A. look, but it didn't soothe the pain much. Best part of the movie: the outtakes. I imagine this was a low stress, fun set to be on. I'm sure everybody who made the movie will laugh the whole way through because of what they remember from that day of shooting, or something Cedric did between takes, but it's not an enjoyable watch for the movie going public. This flop was well placed for January. Get those losses out of the way in the first quarter, New Line.

Krista B (es) wrote: If you like pointless B horror movies, here's one! It's cheesy, it's outrageous, and it's unintentionally funny in all the right places.

Vish G (nl) wrote: The perils of brainwashing kids with religion when they are too young to comprehend and thus stifling freedom of thought and the opportunity to evolve one's own faith is compelling portrayed in this film. Brilliant!


Ethan D (mx) wrote: In time every sad ending will become happy. The sad ending is only because the author stops telling the story. But it still goes on. It's just untold.

Naoya K (it) wrote: A solid and big-scale Hong Kong action from Ringo Lam. The title totally does not fit to the content, though. Among the three top Hong Kong action directors of that time, Hark Tsui, John Woo, and Lam, Lam probably has the least originality in style, but I like the theme that Lam always deals with - the chain of vengeance. This film is the best of his in terms of clarity of that theme. Casts are all good, but especially the two actresses, Rosamund Kwan, who probably plays the first and only bitch-role, and Chien-lien Wu, who perfectly sustains the difficult role, are great. These big films which the "big-three" made (they tend to set in Sounth-east Asia, interestingly) in 90s are as big in scale and entertaining as contemporary Hollywood films.

Leong C (mx) wrote: Garcia and Ryan gave a solid performance about a family torn apart by alcohol...

Ernesto S (it) wrote: Filmed in English in Mexico City's Zocalo, this bizarre thriller is Jodorowsky's most accessible film (!), in which the caricaturesque meets the grotesque. It's as the filmmaker has remade Robert Bloch's Psycho seen through a Lynchian filter. With a spectacular score mixed with rancheras and mambos, Felliniesque characters, and an irresistible almost incestual relationship played to perfection by Blanca Guerra and Jodorowsky's sons at different ages. The younger Fenix is now the musician Adanowsky.

Andrew C (au) wrote: Arguably the best feature length offering that the Star Trek franchise has offered (including the alternative timeline reboots). The return of a popular villain, but with enough substance to make non-Trek fans understand the power of the Kirk-Khan conflict.

Graham R (de) wrote: A quite charming Bond cash-in from the Swinging Sixties. Richard Johnson is well cast as the dapper Bulldog Drummond, here up against the sinister Nigel Green (who's usually on the side of good, like when he played Nayland Smith in the FU MANCHU movies). As the title suggests, this is all about the women, and both Sylva Koscina and Elke Sommer are quite lovely in it. Campy, funny, colourful and action packed, there's nothing not to like here.

Anne F (jp) wrote: This 1935 werewolf film was wonderfully 1930s,. Not scary, but charming.

Richard D (au) wrote: Not the best martial arts film ever made. I'm not even sure it's Lee's best film. It's his most professional, well-made film, but he's used better in other films. This is really the primal martial arts film for western audiences, and probably the best film to introduce people to the genre. The blend of a kind of standard martial arts tournament plot with a James Bond-type premise, and John Saxon and Jim Kelly almost sharing the lead provide an easy in for the uninitiated.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Get Smart was boring and dreadful. Get Smart is probably Steve Carrell's worst movie yet. This movie lacks so much comedy. I would not suggest this movie.

jason a (ru) wrote: A one time movie that will get lost in the back of my brain

Johnathan M (ca) wrote: This film really tapped into the tough decision that may have to be taken in a conflict and the fights against terrorism. The film does a good job of portraying the tension and turmoil. Edge of the seat at times.