Two estranged sisters, once very close as young girls, get pregnant at the same time. After suffering an abortion, one becomes obsessed with the other’s baby and poses a threat to them.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
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Two estranged sisters, once very close as young girls, get pregnant at the same time. After suffering an abortion, one becomes obsessed with the other’s baby and poses a threat to them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JORGE O (us) wrote: Wow. This movie was awwwesomeee.. It\'s a great film like all Underworld movies, but this one is just great. Action at all times, intense. It\'s just an amazing movie. The sound in that Imax was just amazing. Every little detail sound like you where inside the movie. This film was very well done. I have to say that the 3D was not as good as a expected it to be. The 3D effects are almost none. But the movie is still awesome. Specially in Imax.

Leonard L (fr) wrote: Just saw the movie last night 04/06/10 @ UCLA James Bridege theater. FANTASTIC MOVIE! FUNNY! ENTERTAINING! FRESH! UNIQUE! WELL FILMED & GREAT TIME! The writers/directors/actors Daryl & Zoe were at the showing and came off as INSPIRED, COOL, WITTY, ORIGINAL and GOOD PEOPLE! I wouldn't take the time to offer a review unless it was very good to great. Highly recommended. Top billing is deserved for this DIY (Do It Yourself/Indie) movie. I have a feeling this movie is going to do great things and will become a classic like "When Harry Met Sally," and make the two actors MOVIE STARS! :D GREAT JOB D&Z!

Donna L (ru) wrote: Really not for me. I was bored most of the time.

Mark V (fr) wrote: "Beufort" doesn't compare to the equivalent American war movie, "Pork Chop Hill" (also a true story about a last stand against great odds). This film about the last Israeli outpost in Lebanon proves my adage about flicks: they are always 30 minutes too long. The film unitentionally demonstrates that war is 95% boredom with 5% terror. Despite great visuals, it just goes on too long. The audience gets the point early in the film and after a while, you just wish they'd blow the damn fort and go home. With some reediting this okay film to be made into a very good one.

Briana H (ru) wrote: If it weren't for the story gaps this movie could have been an A for the horror genre. The superstition were creatively portrayed and the movie was consistent thanks to sets, costumes, directing and editing.

Megan B (gb) wrote: This movie could have been a lot more interesting if it actually followed what it's like to become a comedian which it sorta does but not really well. The movie is mostly following Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams (Orny was the worst choice to put in the movie because you hate his guts) as they try to rise in the ranks of stardom. THe documentary is laborious and much less funny then their stand up. It cool to hear quips from all their funny celebrity friends but that's the extent of the enjoyment. Also for a documentary with such huge names in it, you think you would get better film quality. THe Blair Witch Project was shot better then this. If your interested in seeing stand up or a good documentary, rent something else.

Marilyn S (ca) wrote: [left][font=comic sans ms][size=5][color=green][b]MICKEY WAS MADE AT[/b][/color][/size][/font][/left][left][/left][left][font=comic sans ms][size=5][color=green][b]THE MABEL NORMAND FEATURE FILM [/b][/color][/size][/font][/left][left][font=comic sans ms][size=5][color=green][b]COMPANY[/b][/color][/size][/font][/left] [font=comic sans ms][color=green]The only film made by the [i]Mabel Normand Feature Film Company was[/i] [i]MICKEY[/i] by far[/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]her best film and the best representative of the Mabel persona. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms][color=green]In 1916 while Mack Sennett was trying to get out from under the weight of Keystone [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]and the control of the New York Film Company, he developed a strategy to keep [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]making films under his own name and protect Mabel?s career as well. The Mack [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]Sennett Weekly was a trade magazine which he sent to distributors and theater [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]owners and began publishing January 1, 1916. It featured a picture of Mabel as [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green][i]MICKEY[/i] on the front page of each issue until Sennett formed a relationship with [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]Paramount (and Mabel?s name was removed from the header). Mabel meanwhile signed [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]a lucrative contract with Sam Goldwyn which Sennett had helped negotiate. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms][color=green]During the production the publicity for the up coming feature was nonstop. The film [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]required its own studio as well as its own production company. For all intents, Mabel [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]actually ran the company and controlled the construction of her studio and it was [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]Mabel who decided on the staff and crew. After a few missteps F. Richard Jones [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]was named director over Sennett?s objections. Mabel was able to surround herself [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]with actors and technicians who she had worked with previously. The production, [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]although rather long and expensive, turned out very successful. By having [i]MICKEY[/i] [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]made at its own studio and having its own production company Sennett could [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]successfully maintain that it was not a Keystone feature and therefore not owned by [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]New York Film Company. Even with the rather strange and convoluted business [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]maneuvers of Sennett, [i]MICKEY[/i] was not shelved because Sennett didn?t think much of [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]the film. Rather, he knew its value as a bargaining chip in setting up Triangle[i]. [/i][/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green][i]MICKEY[/i] was impatiently awaited by everyone and they were not disappointed. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms][color=green]Problems arose surrounding the distribution of the film, even this Sennett was able to [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]use to his advantage as part of the publicity campaign. With the public waiting for [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]the advertised feature it was not released until August 11, 1918, even though it was [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]copyrighted February 25, 1918. It was released many times after its highly [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]successful premire by different distributors. Even so, Mabel saw none of the [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]millions in profits made by the film. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms][color=green]Mabel?s relationship with Sennett had been problematical since they had called off [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]the wedding plans in the summer of 1915 although they continued to work together. [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]Mabel did not return to the Keystone Studio lot in Edendale preferring to work in the [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]East Coast Studio. Sennett continued to protect Mabel and - advance her career [/color][/font][font=comic sans ms][color=green]sometimes to his advantage and not hers. [/color][/font]

Steve H (nl) wrote: It's not a 'big' picture....the sets and amount of extras....the lack of beautiful landscape photography....but it's a nice little story - easy to watch and slight entertainment. And it's better than Russell Crowes 'Robin Hood'! The film is done in the old Robin Hood style - 'Fun and adventure' instead of 'blood and grim'. Enjoyable. Thank the Lord for no American or Austrailian accents!

kinnari p (kr) wrote: love the story u must c

Jedidiah C (nl) wrote: John Belushi. If he had survived he would continue to be the man, like Bill Murray is now. What a damn shame. This movie was good because it featured Belushi not acting so wild all of the time. He could have done a lot more. The movie was funny because it's about this guy who falls for this girl.... don't read on if you are gonna see it. Anyways, it's about this interesting reporter who falls for this eagle watcher, and ends up following her around and dreaming of her ass. It reminds me of silly things I did when I was 18-23. You can't judge the guy, but he really should be working on his newspaper instead of chasing that V. Ah well. He just needs to learn, that's all.

Deven W (it) wrote: CGI is good but this film is all over the place

WakeWRC89 (it) wrote: One of Al Pacinos finest. Amazing gripping film from start to finish.

Dave I (ag) wrote: Might be a decent action/drama. Or whatever.

Anand K (jp) wrote: the entire first part of this film can be clipped out-it adds nothing to the plot and is irrelevant and boring

Gareth D (us) wrote: I expected this to be better than it was really, it was kinda sappy, try-hard and overly long whilst being extremely predictable.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Familiar coming of age story with more cringeable moments than the usual and a few wtf's. I liked the art parts and though some of it was slightly disturbing, it was well done.