A paranoid writer (Kier) is unable to get started on his second novel. He hires a secretary (Hayden), and then his troubles really begin.

A paranoid writer (Kier) is unable to get started on his second novel. He hires a secretary (Hayden), and then his troubles really begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trauma torrent reviews

Nelson S (it) wrote: Good movie but with major problems.

Abdulmalik A (it) wrote: pimp Woody Allen is definitely worth watching

Hari R (nl) wrote: Disappointing considering the hype! Could have been a great movie if the director 's focus had been on story & minus those songs which keep disturbing the flow of the movie. Ajith & cinematography was the only positive aspect in an otherwise dull affair.

Mloy X (jp) wrote: Charlotte (Charlotte Rampling ): We're bound by procedure. In this situation, we cannot afford those constraints.I wanted so much to like this film, and don't get me wrong, the story was engaging enough, but most of the actors (including the always wonderful Sean Bean) pretty much whispering their lines; so much so that I barely could hear the dialogue. It was awfully frustrating not to be able to clearly hear what was developing in the story. Overall, the film's plot was interesting but I'm so tired of actors mumbling their lines and calling it "method" acting. Annunciate for God's sake! Especially when what they're saying is so essential to following the plot. In short, I'm just saying this film could have been directed better-- the actors were great, the story was good, the action sequences were superb; it just needed to be a bit more audible to be enjoyable.

Cam E (mx) wrote: It maybe cute and kids will like this just as much as the first one, but ultimately it is disappointing and stupid. Emma Thompson shouldn't have starred in this film, the first film is a whole lot better than this. The best thing that can be said about this sequel is that it made me laugh at times but I often ended up forgetting those laughs as I was focusing on how bad this film is. Such a big disappointment. Thank goodness a third film wasn't made.

Bill A (jp) wrote: How does one direct an actress to make love with a snake? SyFy level special effects, but at least it acknowledges its own silliness.

Raisul I (ru) wrote: an underrated masterpiece

TJ B (fr) wrote: It's not about the winning, it's about the feeling you get when you could lose it all.

Kaylynn K (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies... but I am a teenage girl so that is kind of expected. It has many funny moments and I think it is charming throughout.

Josh M (es) wrote: A cheesy video game adaptation that is lazily put together with crappy acting and choppy computer-generated imagery. This does not do the video game any justice and might turn away any new comers.

Andrea20 J (it) wrote: It's one of those movies you nostalgically love. And watching it again, it lives up to the memory. Imagine you had $1M in 1994, you're hella rich! He made all the tight moves and all the bad guys speak in a raspy low voice. Come for the 90's computer whiz, stay for the garbage can of Haagen daaz.

Benjamin S (ru) wrote: Not as good as the play, whenever Tony's character leaves the apartment that is when nothing works. Thelma Ritter is hilarious as usual. The three stewardess' are great too, Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis are fine, but this wasn't directed well.

Andrew U (br) wrote: A fascinating journey. It's really quite amazing that these guys were 101 days on a raft..and filmed it all.

Chris T (mx) wrote: For a dance movie.. Not the worst..

Steve S (kr) wrote: I found it to be entertaining and fun to watch. There were some pretty unrealistic elements but it was still enjoyable. I recommend it to some.

Ian I (jp) wrote: Must see for golf fans!

Alex K (mx) wrote: Not Morgans best film but still enjoyable.

Ashish G (nl) wrote: Not At All Impressive, The Darkness does not offers any frightening ghost horror movie. Cast's poor perfomance and plot doesn`t work at all