Traveling to Olympia

Traveling to Olympia

Johnny leaves a Washington State juvenile facility and travels to Olympia where he meets other gay men and starts to put to rights some of the wrongs done to gay youths

Johnny leaves a Washington State juvenile facility and travels to Olympia where he meets other gay men and starts to put to rights some of the wrongs done to gay youths . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse K (au) wrote: 3.5/5 Oculus manages to craft a very interesting story, even if the scares aren't that great. The third act is very well-directed even if the climax isn't perfect. The horror lies in the concept, but not always what's presented to us.

Cita W (gb) wrote: The reason why I love this is not only because it is very beautiful but it also because of my own sentimental reason cause I always want to go to island in Pacific...

Ela T (au) wrote: The film is about the life of a family living in Israel on a kibbutz. Dvir youngest son plays a strong character. I didn't know anything about Kibbutz. Now I know. What a sad story and sad that people were there.

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Private U (ca) wrote: Very good movie. Talks about the gay scene and the pursuit for the perfect body.

Michael L (br) wrote: I'm starting to doubt my ability to understand what ends cinema is actually supposed to achieve. When films such as Manhattan and Citizen Kane are regarded as great achievements, I begin to feel as if some mechanism is not functioning in my brain, or perhaps is over-functioning in everybody else's. This is the story of a bunch of boring, unlikable, over educated but under-scientific privileged white people trying to create sexual relationships with each other. Who cares? Why do people enjoy these movies? It didn't teach me anything, none of the character's behavior seemed admirable or interesting. This movie reminds me of weak and asinine people, and doesn't do George Gershwin's music any justice. (Although the brief dialogue about Gustav Mahler being overrated is the only thing that I resonated with in the film). I'm going back to studying physics and listen to Beethoven now. Bye.

Eytan D (de) wrote: The story needs work, and rumor has it that it's not as true to its source material as it should be. However "Funny Girl" is a stellar musical for one reason only: Barbra Streisand. For her screen debut, her voice wows and her portrayal of Jewish slum girl turned comedian/ Ziegfeld girl Fanny Brice is humorous, sweet, and touching. This was just the introduction to a long career for Streisand. "Funny Girl" put her on the map. She is a star, incomparable in every way. Standout numbers include "I'm the Greatest Star," "People," "Don't Rain on My Parade," and best of all, the showstopping finale "My Man."

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Cameron F (kr) wrote: Another gimmicky comedy about a detective whose life is interrupted when his mother visits. Stallone seems stiff and Estelle Getty is cast for laughs but the screenplay gives her nothing fresh to laugh at.

william m (jp) wrote: Delivers a climactic ending to a flawed character.

Ian G (mx) wrote: A surprisingly funny underdog vs the corrupt Goliath story when big corporation USA hunts for a nobody that they can groom to win the 14th district in the US elections with the hope to mold him to help sell of various properties and industries to the Chinese for huge profits. When Farrell's status as the incumbent is called into question due to his latest affair hitting the headlines, Ackroyd and Lithgow make their move with McDermott recruiting Zack G as their spokesperson. Zack is a great addition to Farrell's comedy trope and adds a great dynamic to the various barbs back and forth, and McDermott as the sleazy, over the top campaign managers also manages to have a lot of fun with various sterotypes when it comes to preparing his canidate. A nice surprise since the film comedies these days are extremely hit and miss. Worth a look.