Travels with My Aunt

Travels with My Aunt

A stodgy young man gets caught up in his free-living aunt"s shady schemes.

At his mother's funeral, stuffy bank clerk Henry Pulling meets his Aunt Augusta, an elderly eccentric with more-than-shady dealings, who pulls him along on a whirlwind adventure, as she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik H (it) wrote: really dug this. outstanding dread build. great, uncomfortable gore and kills. terrific score. a story not totally fresh, but who cares when everything else works this well. one of my fav horror flicks i've seen in a while.

Rico F (ru) wrote: This movie is a reflection of the extent that corporations will go to protect their business interests. There was an important message behind the plot and I feel it managed to pull it off. However there were some parts that were exaggerated and simply followed stereotypes. For example the way the film depicts South American villages. Andy Garcia and Forest Whitaker pulled off their roles although it was a pity Eva Longoria didn't get more chance to shine.

RaraRafIqah F (it) wrote: I realized that this movie has no links with the 1st one but was linked to the 3rd one. I gotta applaud the directors for having interesting twist & turns to this movie. Kept me interested and guessing which certainly didn't make this movie boring. The Panor character was really disturbing as well. Overall, a great 2nd instalment.

Liam C (kr) wrote: Wow. This film was something else. While it may not seem like an originally new story at first it turns into something very complex, smart and most of all, compelling. A film with plenty of twists and turns that don't seem cheap or silly. Characters with depth, some characters change and some learn new things. Every actor turned in a solid performance. Everything else was good also, music, script, lighting and cinematography. Everything about the film is very compelling and just a well made western. Just, nobody saw it.

Kyle H (ag) wrote: My favorite romantic comedy of all time. This is what the 80s was like, not stupid hair do's that other movies portray or weird styles and wind pants. Must see, and much better then the 2014 remake.

Luc L (gb) wrote: A very good drama about a boxer making a come back into the ring and his relationship with an alcoholic girlfriend. Very good performance by Stacey Keach but the best performance was by Susan Tyrell as Oma, an alcoholic. She was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress in a supporting role.

Becca F (nl) wrote: When a butler turns an absent owner's villa into a hotel, chaos occurs when the owner decides to romance his mistress there. This film has everything; comedy, romance, and the first meeting of Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. How anyone could not enjoy this early 60's film is beyond me.

Marina N (au) wrote: A good effort at capturing 50 cent's way to fame starring 50 himself. It's nothing special but it's good enough. Critics are over-analyzing.