Traviata '53

Traviata '53


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Traviata '53 1953 full movies, Traviata '53 torrents movie

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Traviata '53 torrent reviews

Art S (us) wrote: Wong Kar Wai's movies typically emphasise style and mood over substance and The Grandmaster is no exception. Although I typically steer away from kung fu movies featuring stunts on wires and digital manipulation of the image, this film, where each frame seems a fully composed painting of its own, made the artificiality somehow acceptable. I can see how using modern techniques can also lend themselves to a beautiful work of art. However, the story, which follows Ip Man (Tony Leung) who eventually became Bruce Lee's master from the 1930s until the 1960s, is disjointed at best. Equal time is granted to Zhang Ziyi playing Gong Er, his rival and possible love interest - but the tension surrounding their unfulfilled romance seems unnecessarily muted. True, I seem to have wound up with a heavily edited version of the film and this may be part of the problem - but even so, the narrative loses focus in favour of dreamy slow motion shots or dazzlingly stylish fight scenes. It is easy to forget the significance of the actions at hand. Nevertheless, it is clear that Wong is an absolute grandmaster himself at the technical wizardry required to create a film - if only he could also keep control of pacing and narrative at the same time.

Harrison R (mx) wrote: Can't say the story was at all accurate, but the characters and acting are great

Derek D (es) wrote: Pitiful acting, even for a later Seagal flick. What happened to the action in his films, especially the actual hand-to-hand fighting? They actually made a sequel to this one and even though that one stars Bill Goldberg in it, it still can't be as bad as this piece of shit.

Ryan T (kr) wrote: Definitely the best of Naked Gun trilogy, as it is the only one I can even remember very well.

Eirikur (nl) wrote: Tann vanaligasti filmurin i seriuni (i hvussu er av teimum vid Peter Sellers). Peter Sellers var deydur, ta id tey gjordu hendan filmin, so allar hansara senur eru tiknar fra odrum Pink Panther-filmum. Hetta hevur otruliga ringa avirkan a filmin! Tad er als onki skil a soguni og "fraveran" hja Peter Sellers ger filmin otruliga kediligan og trugv ti ella ei: Hansara "fravera" gongur eisini ut yvir humorin i filminum! Nogvar jokes eru otruliga vanaligar, medan tar flestu stuttligu jokes'nar hava okkurt at gera vid, ironiskt nokk, Peter Sellers - tad er her, tey bruka gamlar senur fra odrum filmum! Filmurin er ein sera ussalig roynd hja Hollywood at tjena pengar uppa eina deyda filmstjornu, sum als ikki var vid til at gera filmin!

doris c (au) wrote: great..... drama movie........

Jon E (ag) wrote: This feature is Ralph Bakshi's masterpiece.Coonskin is a sort-of Goodfellas meets Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss Song.It's the sort of film that demonstrates that black people are as capable of forming a fascist movement the same way as whites are.I'd recommend this movie (if you're 18+ that is)

Will J (fr) wrote: no math teacher should miss this...