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Travolto dagli affetti familiari


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Travolto dagli affetti familiari torrent reviews

Joshua M (us) wrote: very funny, very moving, very genuine.

Kasen R (de) wrote: I definitely have more faith in this Spider Man spinoff than I do the Sinister 6 movie because I know Venom has had his own comic(s) so I know there is source material Alex Kurtzman and the writers can work with.

Gareth D (de) wrote: Now let me put this up front, this is basically vegan propaganda - packaged nicely. They are going after multiple enemies though, so it can be a little muddled and repetitive. The regular things we should stop eating - meat, refined sugars and dairy products. Even so, it definitely makes me question HOW much meat we eat, and the affect that has on us.

Marc L (ru) wrote: Apres "Mammuth", c'est reparti pour un nouveau road-movie travers la France profonde. Aussi sympathiques soient-elles, ce n'est pas par ses pripties plutt classiques que "Thelma, Louise et Chantal" sduira son public : on reste dans le dtournement sage du film de Ridley Scott et dans la moyenne standard de la comdie dramatique hexagonale. Mais les trois actrices (Catherine Jacob, Jane Birkin et Caroline Cellier) incarnent avec une joie vidente leurs personnages archtypaux (la dpressive, la lunaire et la nympho) et une bonne partie des dialogues creusent dans un registre vachard savoureux. Sans tre un chef d'oeuvre immortel, ce road-trip feminin s'inscrit dans la veine d'un "Filles perdues, cheveux gras" (en plus conventionnel, toutefois) qui alterne avec tact moments d'humour et de gravit, et attire forcment la sympathie.

Shawn T (fr) wrote: this seems like it could be interesting.

Love M (ru) wrote: It's a concept that's interesting, yet there's little substance to spread this flick out.14.6.14

Nebojsa B (ru) wrote: Nazi, Kung Fu action.....nuff said...

Ken C (jp) wrote: I just love this movie. It's like any other romantic comedy you've seen except different at the same time. It's about a couple who go to Vegas to get married because there relationship is starting to go down hill. The girlfriend is played by Sarah Jessica Parker (who looks suprisingly seductive for once) and wants the relationship she's in to move forward into a committed relationship, but her boyfriend played by Nicolas Cage (who else) is afraid of commitment because his mother died in his hands after telling her that he wants to get married. Once they get to Vegas Nic meets James Caan who immediately falls in love with his girlfriend because she looks just like his ex-wife so he decides to steal her from Nic in the most evil sinister way possible....a poker game dun dun dun. So because this is a romantic comedy from the 90's James Caan ends up winning Nic's girlfriend for a few days and spends it in Hawaii without Nic knowing. After Nic finds out that there in Hawaii the movie all of a sudden turns into Leaving Las Vegas as he becomes depressed and walks around aimlessly worried about what there doing. At first the movie is pretty predictable and you already have the ending playing in your head but then after a while Sarah Jessica Parker starts to fall for Caan while Nic is out searching for her and now your not entirely sure who she's going to end up with in the end or how it's going to end for the other guy. You sorta feel sorry for James Caan because he's so lonely and depressed and he truly believes that fait brought the two of them together even though he did steal her, but you also want to see Nic win her back because of how likeable and hilarious his character is. But then again James Caan's name did come before Nic's in the opening credits so...I don't know, your guessing most of the time as to who the girl is going to end up with in the end, it keeps you guessing. The best parts of the movie are when Nic has these sudden outbursts because of how stressed out he is and basically acts like a lunatic the entire time. It's the Nic Cage we all know and love. James Caan plays the exact same person he plays in every other movie he was in, but that's not a bad thing he's always great at playing these kinds of roles and you kinda feel sympathy for him at some parts. Sarah Jessica Parker I never really liked in movies today but in this movie she's really sexy and likeable, she's not as horsey looking and she makes a good couple with Nic. Overall really funny and entertaing. It may be just like every other comedy you've seen before but I can't really see any body hating it. It's harmless and could probably win over some more Nic Cage fanboys.

Shane J (br) wrote: Corey Feldman takes over the franchise leading to random topless women and unfunny jokes. he also does his mj dancing which is a sight to see as always.

Zachary N (fr) wrote: It meanders around a lot more than it should, given its running time, but this is a spectacular portrait of cultural vastness with all the weight and style necessary to make an impression today; rushed ending aside, the journey their is more than enough to make this a worthy animated endeavor.

Paul D (br) wrote: Exemplary farce from the Marx Brothers, the last to include Zeppo. Groucho is the undeniable star here though with some great witty one-liners and a wonderful 'mirror' scene.

Mark James A (ca) wrote: This is a very nice film to meditate on: wise, good-natured, funny and filled with exuberantly literate dialogues.

Logan M (de) wrote: "Devil in a Blue Dress" captures the authenticity of true noir with such ease, it appears almost effortless.