Two women's friendship is put to the test when they fall for the same man. Each one harbors secrets that diminish the strength of their relationship with one another. Are these women willing to sacrifice their friendship to follow their treacherous hearts?

Two women's friendship is put to the test when they fall for the same man. Each one harbors secrets that puts to the test the strength of their relationship with one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Treacherous torrent reviews

matthew m (mx) wrote: when I think this movie is got to many phantoms.

Jack S (gb) wrote: A second-rate sports/family drama, containg no groundbreaking performances or even dramatic story. The script provides weak empathy towards either brother and it ends on an all too expected finale. When the soundtrack is so much better than the film, there are serious issues.

Bill A (de) wrote: A decent job by Chazz Palminteri, but not strong enough to save this from the discount bin.Still better than Triple X, though.

Harry W (ru) wrote: The angsty memoir by Susanna Kaysen that poses the argument of whether or not radicilisation of a youngster's psyche could be symptoms of mental illness and the battle between illness and indifference. The memoir reads of the stay a young woman had at the same mental hospital that cared for Sylvia Plath and how she questions everything about herself, her life and her planet. Girl, Interrupted (the motion-picture) waters down a heck of alot of the plot and replaces it with fictionalized and heavily dramatized events completely asbent from the real story, however it benefits from an all-star cast and impressive performances from Angelina Jolie and the late Brittany Murphy.

Morten L (ru) wrote: Funny flick. Classic Cleese.

Virginia G (au) wrote: Classic that will never die and never should be remade!!!

Gergely K (nl) wrote: A Razorback kitn' eco-horror egy hatalmas gyilkos vaddisznrl. Don Semler operat'r maximlisan kihasznlja az ausztrliai tj minden adottsgt, tk (C)letes keretet biztostva a bestia mokfutsnak. K (C)pei n (C)ha mr-mr lomszerek, de nem esik tlzsokba, a f'szerepl' az (C)l' (C)s l (C)legz' tj marad nla. A filmnek ott a helye a legjobb llatos r (C)mfilmek mellett, nlam dobogs.

James D (fr) wrote: Maybe Stallone got bored. I know I did.

Christopher C (es) wrote: The realism of the war sequences hold up almost 19 years later. The acting is all top notch and the characters play their parts well. The story is ok but a little unbelievable. It also runs very long. Overall it's a very entertaining movie.

Steve F (fr) wrote: I am disturbed that this move rated as high as it did with both groups. it is the only movie that I ever took back to the video store and chewed out the rental clerk for allowing me to rent it.....I am the most laid back guy you will ever meet, but he NEVER should have taken my money, and should have pulled me to the side and encouraged me not to rent it.....I would have listened.....honest... I would have listened.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: The writer of Traffic has directed and wrote Syriana that is a great movie but not as a masterpiece as Traffic. The acting from George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Jeffrey Wright is fantastic and they definitely make the stories their own. Stephen Gaghan does the same multiple stories thing like Traffic and he still makes them different which is nice, however, some of the stories are a bit forgettable and people are going to agree that they are confusing at first viewing. The writing is really good, and the film is smart. It's mostly interesting, and it does leave you wondering about what's going to happen next. Syriana is a nice film that shows that Stephen Gaghan can also work as a director.

Ashton A (gb) wrote: I found the film to be one of the better I've seen in a long time!