Treachery centers on a man (Biehn) who is reunited with his estranged son at a remote wedding party. When a storm strands the party, ugly truths are revealed.

Henry and his son are not on good terms with each other. One day, they are reluctantly reunited at a wedding. When a storm moves in, the situation heads toward distress as stories are told.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel F (it) wrote: The 2nd installment from Mungiu's trilogy "Tales from the Golden Age" (after "4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days") is a well-built collection of 6 tragi-comical episodes on the everyday lives of Romanians in the last years of communism. A fresco of a not so distant past.

Cleiton M (ag) wrote: Man, Norbit is the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life ! It is proof that the American comedy films are dead and buried! I feel me dirty knowing that lost 20 minutes of my life seeing the beginning of this movie , and I'm glad to hear that have preserved my rest of my mind to take the wise decision to drop this filth and go play on my PSP. Hard to believe that the actor who made me laugh until my stomach hurts in " Beverly Hills Cop", "Coming to America" and voicing Donkey in "Shrek " make this disaster!

Rebecca (jp) wrote: how do you watch movies

Robert I (fr) wrote: As Jet Li films go, it was good in 2000 for his American releases. Since he's been in much better stuff.

raven l (it) wrote: I love that movie it's my favorite but it's sad our blacks had to be treated that way don't you think?

Shawn W (ca) wrote: In this 1968 animated movie Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar (wait...they didn't co-exist) make a bet that her summer home cannot be completed within a couple of weeks. Cleopatra enlists Asterix, Obelix and Getafix to help in the construction. The Romans retaliate with their own tricks and "hilarity" ensues. It might have been funny if the hijinks were more imaginative and exciting and also if it weren't punctuated with some boring acid-trip musical numbers.The movie opens with an ironic explanation of why the cheap dubbing doesn't look natural. They should have extended this to explain why there are some things that just cannot BE translated and why there are frequent moments that just don't make sense. I guess some of the blame for this could be down to the fact that in 1968 French animation hadn't evolved to any level of sophistication. The choppy, crude drawings and awful music don't help much either.The comic-book is better.

John P (ag) wrote: Sadly, this one doesn't hold up for me: it's too cold, distant - and the downer ending betrays the original novel by Desmond Cory. Nevertheless, a tremendous score by John Barry - and a dramatic set-piece mid-film: Caine doing a "deadfall" during a burglary while "Romance for Guitar & Orchestra" (14m) plays in real time.

Carlos C (mx) wrote: Very funny movie about the suckiness of the Old Wild West. I enjoyed it betterreward than Ted.

Garry R (br) wrote: Great Movie & cast watch it.