Treacle Jr.

Treacle Jr.

A middle aged man, Tom, walks out one day on his wife and baby boy and his seemingly happy life with no explanation. He opts to live on the streets of London. Alone in a park at night he is set upon by a gang of violent thugs, in his bid to escape he accidentally runs into a tree. In A&E Tom meets an extremely happy, fast-talking individual, Aidan, the complete opposite of Tom. Too polite, or too weak to ask him to leave him alone Tom tries to get away from him but to no avail, Aidan sticks to Tom like glue. Tom reluctantly becomes involved in Aidan's life and he quickly realizes that this child like man clearly has his own problems, except Aidan can't see them, his shiny optimism blinds him at every turn, even from his 'girlfriend' the dangerous and volatile Linda.

Tom is forty. He walks out one day, rather abruptly, on his wife and baby boy and his seemingly happy life. He finds himself living on the streets of London. One night alone in a park he is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Script P (ag) wrote: Worth watching if you're a woman who has the hots for Ashton Kutcher as he spends most of the movie lounging about in exotic locations while topless. His character is 100% unlikable, though; as is his love-interest -- the stony faced Margarita Levieva. Great shots of LA just about make this weary "life of a playa" tale bearable.

Mandy (nl) wrote: Amazing story about 1994 Rwandan Genocide. It was definetly heartbreaking to watch. Very different than Hotel Rwanda in its centering of the overall event. A must see film. Extremely Powerful.

DA Z (nl) wrote: The perfect combination of creativity, surrealism, and quirky lapses in the language barrier.

Alejandra V (kr) wrote: Tremenda pelicula. Version cruda (y real) de las peliculas de profesor enrollado en internado estricto. Estremece sin ser sensiblera en ningun momento. Y aqui todos preocupados por "Educacion para la ciudadania"... que falta de foco...

Liam M (us) wrote: There are moments, usually thanks to Neilson's bumbling Bush impersonation, but this is just a continuation of mediocrity. It's a Zucker|Zucker comedy without the charm or, you know...jokes?

Fred O (gb) wrote: RT has it wrong, this isn't a Broadway Production of Hamlet, the Royal Shakespeare Company, to my knowledge have never performed on Broadway. That being say, the modern dress style and the fact of NO AMERICAN PRODUCER INVOVLEMENT, helps his version of Hamlet stay true to its roots as opposed to some of the tripe we've seen of other modern dress attempts (ex: Romeo & Juliet)

Claudette A (us) wrote: Quite a good movie. I didn't know much about Churchhill.

Lou B (ca) wrote: Binladen will raise from his grave just to spit on this movie.. it's a bad movie really