Treasure Seekers: Lost Cities of the Inca

Treasure Seekers: Lost Cities of the Inca


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Treasure Seekers: Lost Cities of the Inca torrent reviews

Nick D (br) wrote: Without much interest in haute couture, I found the point of the story illusive, but this exceedingly pretty movie was great at interweaving the particulars of St. Laurent's rise, then fall, then rise again story with the tsunami of cultural change he at once precipitated and rode.

Jeet P (us) wrote: this movie is utter complete and absolute crap!!

c0up (mx) wrote: 'Alps'. Morbid, absurd and completely messed up. I'm sure there's some deeper meaning on identity waiting to be gleaned, but it became an exercise in the weird for me, and one that I couldn't look past.

krupa p (nl) wrote: anything is possible

Yennah U (ru) wrote: SPOILER ALERT: i really liked this movie, up until the ending. i feel the movie whas about the choice of who you fell in love with, and who is supposed to be perfect for you to love. love is an irrational, unpredictable and overpowering thing, and to me this movie just sends the wrong message. granted, otherwise the ending would have been very predictable and cheesy, but now i feel that it sends the message that what a technological device has to say is more important than what you feel, even though love, in my eyes, is one of the only truly irrational and magical things in our life.

Blae F (fr) wrote: I don't really care for Manga or Anime, but this film was fantastic.

Ben V (nl) wrote: Where to begin? I went to see this as a preview movie where there were 8 people in the screen, myself another guy and 6 people dressed in the same suit who I now suspect were probably scientologists. This is based on the fact that they went straight to the front row and spent the entire movie sitting drooling. It was quite surreal to be honest. Anyway, this is a vanity project of John Travolta's which was trying to get off the development hell conveyor belt for many years. Even Tom Cruise allegedly advised him against making this (and then apparently denied this). It is partially based on a L Ron Hubbard book and it is a billion dollar D movie that looks so bad you wonder where the budget went. Basically humans live like cavemen with better makeup and the aliens that conquered the earth in about 10 minutes apparently want all the gold and resources etc etc. This happened years ago apparently.So first thing the director does is use a cheesy batman like camera angle to make the aliens appear about 8 foot tall. I just got a very sore neck personally.They capture a human put him in a Joe 90 super machine and make him smart.He then helps the rest of the humans to overthrow and beat the aliens. So here's where I can't get the 2 hours plus of my life back. You have to go into this forgetting your brain and ignore the millions of plot holes and goofs and editing mistakes etc etc.So first of all. The aliens want gold so bare in mind we have already been conquered years previously the humans find fort knox full to the brim with gold bars. Yes I said that.The humans find weapons just stockpiled and still working after years of neglect.They find harrier jets (regarded as being difficult to fly even by experienced pilots) Just sitting around fully fuelled. And in 10 minutes they can fly them.I could go on but it hurts my head to. The movie bombed it deserved to bomb. The production company went bankrupt and this is the sort of movie that should have all copies sent to landfill, burnt and nuked. Seriously this is just horrible. Even Alan Smithee wouldn't be associated with this.

Shayla M (jp) wrote: So powerful. Excellent choice of Leading Ladies!! love them all!!

Danusia B (es) wrote: Fun movie. Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon are fun to watch. They could of gotten a better looking model though, Gisele Bunchen's face is not attractive and her acting isn't good and her lack of sex appeal is especially apparent in the one scene where she screams "die" while shooting a gun. I mean, it's funny but I don't think that's what they were going for.

Casey M (fr) wrote: so bad it's good lol

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 7/24/2010)

Ryan M (fr) wrote: Lindsay Anderson has never been one for thematic economy, but he almost manages it here. The achievement is all the more compelling for the fact that 'Britannia Hospital' is as loaded with content as any previous Anderson work (there's Guignol absurdism and polemical imagery aplenty, don't worry). The satire is ever-so-slightly more focused though, and Anderson's narrowed concern results in a tighter film that, while it sprawls, sprawls within clear demarcations. Basically what goes on is a complex burlesque of the eternal debate over health care (pretty relevant today, no?). The myriad sides ticked off in the synopsis above ("striking workers, ruthless unions..." etc.) are revealed to be mutually obstructing to the point of total impasse. Anderson finds (very) black humor in the endlessly conflicting interests of his characters, and the script is free-wheeling enough that its essential pattern of "A resists B who resists C" never really gets boring. The world of the film is so alive intellectually that even the paid-by-the-hour painters are self-righteous! One potential fault of the film however is that Anderson assumes a good deal about character motivation, which may detract from the "productiveness" of the satire. The adminstrators are assumed to be money-loving and the unionworkers assumed to be self-regarding to the point of inhumanity, while royalty is forever parading its anachronistic effeteness. Anderson tempers this a bit by introducing McDowell as the cloused-mouthed observer in the machine, but then he yields to fatalism and has him summarily sacrificed by the wacko Frankenstein surgeon. It's clear that Anderson believes the human capacity for destruction dwarfs its generative counterpart, but then I'm not sure a tired thesis like that justifies a 2 hour film like 'Britannia Hospital' (especially one with so much untapped potential in its cast). I give it 4 stars mostly because it's a riot and because it's not unintelligent.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 5/5/2014: An ok movie. A pretty cheesy, but somewhat funny flick.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Popular kids film has lovable dog foiling a kidnapping/ransom plot. Benji outsmarts (and outacts) his human contemporaries here. I actually felt Benji's sadness when his dog companion was roughed up by one of the kidnappers. I hope Benji's decsendents are collecting royalty checks for this performance.

Michael T (es) wrote: All-star, multi-episode film is both funny and occasionally poignant.

Jenelle F (kr) wrote: This move is good, it's different. Not your typical cliche movies that are coming out now with typical girl and guy and a cliche story. Not this movie, Love it :)

Jem S (kr) wrote: A movie with the right intentions, but not much more