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Trece campanadas


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Kyle B (it) wrote: Great performances all around including Lowe as one of the better portrayals of Kennedy in recent years. Rothhaar, Trachtenberg, and Goodwin are great as well. The movie as a whole is a good one not an amazing one but the ensemble work really keeps it interesting

Paul P (es) wrote: I love this film. The story is slight but the cast work together so well and the tone of the film really connected with me. Then we have the music..... Just superb. Emily Browning in particular is brilliant with the tunes. This film just makes me happy every time I watch it....

Alec w (fr) wrote: Entertaining, but the end is depressing. Great performance from the great Robin Williams.

Greg S (mx) wrote: Two junkies, who are planning a safe heist to pay off the mobster they owe $8000, clash with Satanists when they interrupt a ritual while burying an overdosed friend. At times this stoned black comedy from the director of PUMP UP THE VOLUME flirts with BIG LEBOWSKI-esque greatness, but some questionable contrivances and forced quirkiness put it in the merely entertaining range.

Joshua T (jp) wrote: Very gripping and emotionally powerful.

nicole w (br) wrote: It was better than I expected it to be.

Jason D (kr) wrote: For the past 30 years, the film industry has had one solitary go-to guy to play a hulking, native American-looking powerhouse that breathes intimidation: Sonny Landham. Unfortunately, the 80's were the height of his success with roles in 48 hours, Lock Up, Action Jackson, the almighty Predator, and of course Fleshburn. In Fleshburn, Landham plays Calvin Duggai, a psychopathic Vietnam vet who was forced into an institution for leaving some people to die in the desert after they disputed his Indian voodoo religion. A daring escape later and Landham is roping up the four psychologists and doctors who worked to put him in the institution and brings them out to the middle of the desert to die. If they try to escape, he'll make sure and viciously kill them. For the next unknown amount of time, the four victims band together to try and survive the rough terrain and elements the desert has to offer...which winds up being pretty bland and slow unfortunately. All of the best parts involve the great Landham, which unfortunately we don't see too much of in the middle unlike the beginning and the end. Also, for an R-rated thriller, the thrills are pretty much seen in the same areas as Landham. The small body count also doesn't do much to help make the film more engaging. So yeah, this wasn't exactly the best of the Sonny Landham films of the 80's, but in all fairness, every part he's in is enjoyable in this film, which proves yet again that Ladham was severely underused and needed more big, beefy roles, like in the aforementioned Predator, or Lock-Up. Overall, so-so film that could have been so much better. Definitely give it a look if you're a Landham fan.

Casey B (gb) wrote: Linklater's "lost" film. Now streaming on Netflix. Release this on DVD goddammit!

Bruno S (ru) wrote: Better than its predecessor, and it introduces the series' iconic villain.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: almost as good as Pillow Talk.

Mark S (nl) wrote: This pairing of the two 80's action legends was surprisingly enjoyable, with a few good plot twists. The action scenes are rather choppy and sometimes over-the-top, but that's to be expected of Arnold and Sly.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Minimalistic on the surface but incredibly profound underneath, 45 Years is an immensely human feature that serves as a platform for the talents of stars Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney and director Andrew Haigh.