Trei frati de belea

Trei frati de belea

Based on a Romanian folk story this is the modern interpretation of the story, set in modern Bucharest. Three brothers recently moved to the City. The elder brother and the sister shortly ...

Based on a Romanian folk story this is the modern interpretation of the story, set in modern Bucharest. Three brothers recently moved to the City. The elder brother and the sister shortly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard P (au) wrote: Saw the movie today via special screening, as the film has not been released publicly, they are working on getting the film released nationally in mainstream theaters. The movie has many funny moments and with great stars all of which work together in conveying the message " Love is Love" I hope that they achieve their goal in having this wonderful film released.

StorytellerShannon M (mx) wrote: This is the tale of a British dude (Brendan Patricks) who recalls his last five girlfriends and blames them for things not working out and telling his bitter tale to the audience. However, as you flashback to the tales you begin to see that at least part of the overall blame is upon him, especially in regards to his insecurities about love. The last girlfriend which is analyzed for the longest part of the film is more her fault? if you want to take sides and it's a pretty obvious move of self sabotage on her part. The tale is a bit slow but it picks up. There are some interesting interrupt moments as people and things in his fantasy speak to him? and give him advice. Usually bad advice when they aren't making him feeling insecure about his chances of making things work. There were some interesting theories and focuses. Look for Romantic Terrorism? andThe Male Guide To Sulking?If I was involved with some of his exes I'd shoot myself dead. Really. Others were just fine and even lovable characters so they did a good job not making them all unlikely prospects. His last girlfriend, Gemma, was played by Naomi Harris and for the movie buffs one of his earlier irritating girlfriends, Olive, was played by Jane March (The Lover? Color of the Night? and 2010 Clash of the Titans?).Questions love and the feelings that go with it. He questions whether love is real and not just a stomach ache. There are some good points that romantic love is a learned ritual and not something you see in all cultures over the world though it is certainly the most popular as it takes human beings to a higher level. And, like a lot of broken heart love tales, it ends on a hopeful note of him meeting somebody new (we just see her from behind) and then immediately ending.Based on pop-philosopherAlain De Botton's book,Essays In Love(U.S. titleOn Love). STORY/PLOTTING/EDITING: B minus to B; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B; HUMOR: B minus; CINEMATOGRAPHY: B to B plus; LOVE THEMES/FOCUSES: B; OVERALL GRADE: B; WHEN WATCHED: mid July 2012.

Steph O (nl) wrote: Steven Strait is fairly attractive - that is really the only good thing about this movie. "Undiscovered" is completely uneven and dull. So not even worth watching. It tries to be an edgy drama, but it comes off extremely B-grade. No, morelike C-grade. Give this one a miss.

Shayla M (mx) wrote: Lol I frickin love Matthew Lillard

Serenity T (au) wrote: I like this movie but its sad.

Sigrid J (gb) wrote: How can you not love Jude Law in this movie?

Natesherry B (nl) wrote: angela lansbury plays an amazing drunk.amazing actress.also very funny as well.

Peter D (ca) wrote: Fires on the Plain is a harrowing account of the Japanese invasion of the Phillipines. It is a story of Tamura, a Japanese soldier suffering from Tuberculosis and his struggle to survive among his increasingly crazed and demoralized countrymen. The depiction of violence is brutally realistic for the time and doesn't pull any punches. It shows death as being a blood filled sorry mess and doesn't shy away from close-ups of piles of corpses. The film is thematically mostly about man's struggle to stay alive, while still remaining parts of his humanity. In that the film shows soldiers turning to cannibalism due to the lack of food and as Tamura struggles with hunger he attempts to avoid stooping that law. There is no glory of war in this film everything is bleak and desolate. The waning sanity of the soldiers is well portrayed by the actors and feels very real and nerve wracking. The black and white cinematography would be beautifully if it weren't so bleak and is one of the main reasons of why the film is so effective in showing the viewers the total brutality of war. Overall the film is very effective in its anti-war message and is a still a harrowing and effective treatment of war and the limits of humanity.

Darryl S (au) wrote: Tremendous and astonishing! A towering cinematic achievement! Daniel Day-Lewis is THE consummate actor as Daniel Plainview! WOW!!! One of my Top-5 all-time favorite films. :D

Jaime L (fr) wrote: Really know how to be unsubtle with the sentimentality don't you Spielberg?

Geoff J (de) wrote: It's some kind of something alright.