Tretya planeta

Tretya planeta

A father takes his daughter to the zone where doctors can heal her ailment.

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Jake M (jp) wrote: Cool interesting story and made me smile a few times. But quite unenjoyable performance by Jennifer Aniston.

Geoff T (kr) wrote: Superb Sureal comedy film - highly entertaining and engaging

Pierrecharley R (au) wrote: The only watchable movie ever made by Uwe Boll! Enjoy!

Kenny N (ag) wrote: Comic book superheroes are always getting their own movies. Comic book WRITERS, however, often don't. But Harvey Pekar was no ordinary comic book writer. Just an ordinary man. And he managed to turn his ordinary existence into a beloved and treasured series of comic books called "American Splendor," which was all about life-the fun stuff, the boring stuff, and all sorts of other stuff. He is played to perfection by Paul Giamatti...even though the real Harvey Pekar says, in the movie, that "this guy doesn't look like me, but whatever." Yes. This movie not only is about Pekar, but he's featured in the film as a sort of narrator of the ongoing events. Joining him are his wife Joyce (played in the movie by the always dependable Hope Davis) and his best friend Toby Radloff (played by an unrecognizable Judah Friedlander, who steals every scene he's in, as does the real Toby when he appears alongside the real Harvey.) If Charlie Kaufman wrote a biography, I imagine it would go something like this. Whether you've never read the comics or own every one, this is a fascinating portrait of everyman who turned out to be somebody very unique and special. (The real Harvey passed away in 2010. It's a damn shame. There won't be another ordinary guy like him.)

Kim P (es) wrote: This movie is funny. Desi loves this one.

Samantha S (de) wrote: yet another "gritty urban drama"

Jared B (mx) wrote: This is garbage. It's way too long, tells a very simple story but meanders often. Half of the dialogue is impossible to decipher with either loud helicopters or thick French accents obscuring the spoken lines. And the story is beyond stupid. Army hires assassin to go up river and assassinate rogue, enigmatic colonel gone mad. The film takes forever to get there, and the protagonist just takes his boat right up to the madman's encampment where he is promptly captured, interrogated, tortured, and broken. What kind of plan was that? Didn't try sneaking into the camp at night or something? Do a little recon? And the actors were no better. Sheen just stares blankly most of the time and Brando is just boring. The mates on the boat were the only thing mildly entertaining but they're not given much to do. I am truly shocked this movie is well thought of. Utter trash.

Mario G (ca) wrote: tHE GUY NEXT TO ME THOUGHT.........I thought this was pretty interesting. I quite like the weapons uses, the way people would just disappear. I just wished there was an extended display of romance at some parts, like the conniving nurses and one of the astronauts. Overall, a fun watch

Ioana (fr) wrote: I just saw this movie and I definitely agree with the rating. I was a combination of comdey, without much drama but it was just a little hard to follow on the end. It was a typical ride along that turned out to be something more. It was a beautiful picture and Clark Gable will always be one of the actors that makes everyone stop and stand.

kieran k (de) wrote: Bruce Lee is one of my childhood heros and until i watched this film i dident even know he was dead!, but this film is fantastic it is emotional funny at times and sees how a chinese man goes through the struggle of racial discrimination, truly is a great film the action scenes are very exelerating and the story really drags you in like 20 lassos, if you havent seen it yet i hihly reccomend it to you because you will not be let down!

ali a (mx) wrote: ?????? ???? ?? ?????

Kenneth B (de) wrote: This is no better or worse than the original. Of course that is faint praise because the original was rubbish. It is just remarkable that 8 years after the first film they even bothered making a sequel.