A couple invites some friends to spend a weekend together in an isolated cabin surrounded by woods and fields. But... there's a killer lurking around.... And... someone is monitoring him.

A couple invites some friends to spend a weekend together in an isolated cabin surrounded by woods and fields. But... there's a killer lurking around.... And... someone is monitoring him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pan C (it) wrote: Not nearly as bad as it could be. The basics of the plot made more sense than that of the movie they're ripping off, even thought the not so basics could use quite a bit more polishing. Historical and technical details (even those relevant to the plot) are relatively well researched, those concerning tactics, geography, distances, times and scale are simply awful.The special effects are generally not too bad compared to say early 80's movies. A lot of things look pretty fake, but if you squint a bit you can often pretend you're really looking at explosions.While plenty of things look either just a tad or a ridiculous amount too fake, the North Carolina shines in the role of her slightly bigger and newer cousin. She's the star, and the makers know it. That's why these people decided to actually make a movie about a battleship, instead of a board game. Overall the movie might even be recommendable for the kind of people that are in principle interested in battleships, but don't (really care to) know much about them. For a one million dollar movie, it's not actually bad at all.

Richard D (kr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyed this flick. It's really a pretty clever James Bond parody disguised as a kids flick ... with penguins in the Bond role and an octopus as the villain. Lots of voice talent here, including Werner Herzog who parodies his own documentaries in the opening sequence.

Jomar G (jp) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. It's been a week since I've see it, tho...I've been forgetting to rate it here...but from what I remember, it's a good movie. The gov't has an obvious bias toward business. So pro-business that it considers ELF a terrorist organization even tho no person has ever gotten hurt from the arson. And that's really what the crime should be called--arson, plain and simple. It's pretty fucked up how that one guy sold out the group. I'd never wanna be caught in Prisoner's Dilemma. Most people are weak. The others, stupid. I fall on the latter.

Milo S (mx) wrote: Relevant, given the amount of time people spend in anonymous chatter online. The posthumous narration however seems distasteful

Brandon T (mx) wrote: This was a charmingly awkward film. Not the first French film I've ever seen, but it was the first French film I've seen in a theater. It was a bit slow at times, but overall, a pleasant watch.

AD V (jp) wrote: Equal parts drama and black comedy this quirky film brings a return to form for Stuart Gordon who takes a simple idea of a man trapped in the windshield of a car and makes almost* every minute interesting. On a trivia note, listen out for a very brief cameo of sorts from Gordon regular Jefferey Combs. *The almost being the unnecessary and unattractive sex scene.

Chris C (gb) wrote: Funny, charming and heartfelt, Dan In Real Life's sentimental value is heightened by a touching narrative and fine performances by Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche.

David S (it) wrote: Balls of Fury is an attempt at greatness but falls flat, mostly due to the shamble-creating Dan Fogler. His comedic style constantly stays in the mud, and for a movie like Balls of Fury to depend on him carrying it, of course the whole house then falls flat. Even the redeemable Walken, showcasing his self-parody style and perfect dialogue delivery, could not help lift or alleviate the walking corpse that this movie is. It has few redeemable features, it's stupidly predictable, and has little to offer to the genre of comedy.

Shatish N (ru) wrote: One of the best Romantic films

NoOne C (ca) wrote: i love this film !!it makes me scream out loud !!try to watch it !!you'll gonna love this !!

Joseph B (es) wrote: sheen and estevez play great brothers

Deven T (kr) wrote: Like most sequels, the film explores a new adventurous journey in a new city, facing a new set of problems and obstacles but the boring stuff stays the same. When Chance has to choose between living on the city streets or at home in the green grassy suburbs, it also forces him to choose between Delilah and Jamie. Also, with THREE dogs I think the family would become unbalanced. The Seaver house may not be that big for that many animals. I wonder who's going to take care of Delilah. But, it still sticks very well to the book and everything else was great. It is somewhat flawed but still an overall good family film and a decent sequel.

Ben B (jp) wrote: What? A sequel. It was okay.

David B (fr) wrote: This movie's strength doesn't lie in the story or the acting (even though Eric Roberts gives a great performance), but in its gritty, totally authentic and unglamorous portrayal of small-time crook and Italian mobster life in mid-80s New York (in this respect, up there with Scorsese), with some great photography contributing to its dirty charm... on the downside there is some questionable acting and a few either silly or melodramatic scenes that don't work

Kevin F (es) wrote: I caught this movie on the Fox movie channel late tonight. I absolutely loved it. It's full of smart dialogue and innovative (even for today) story movement. Dustin Hoffman is at his late-1960s cutest and Mia Farrow is charming. A really nice and realistic romance about 2 people unsure and a bit scared and bruised, but hopeful and willing to try. Man - if only one night stands were really this lovely - who wouldn't want to have a day like this? I would love to see this film remade (most of the dialogue could remain, actually). I'm thinking Keri Russell in Mia Farrow's role . . . but I'm always thinking Keri Russell . . .

Luke R (it) wrote: I am a huge fan of Kate Beckinsale, and have enjoyed most of Matt Dillon's work since his role in "There's Something about Mary". The impressive cast extends to Alan Alda, David Schwimmer and Noah Wyle. Each actor steps up to the plate here and delivers a good performance.From my point of view, the standout performances were from Beckinsale (no surprise there) and Alan Alda.I love a good political and court room thriller, and this movie gave me exactly that and more. Whilst I will admit that the movie may have been better served by a slightly shorter running time (as I especially felt the "jail" scenes went on a bit long), the movie is under 110 minutes which is still acceptable.It is quite likely that the director wanted the viewers to feel the pain and anguish of Beckinsale's character (as the movie is based on true events) as she languished in prison out of principle for her work, but that aspect of the film didn't hit home for me.I really like David Schwimmer (and still believe he was by far the stand-out actor on 'Friends') - and he is quite good in his role here. I would like to see him do more on the big screen, if the right vehicle comes along.Overall, I enjoyed this movie and thought it was worth the wait. Beckinsale proves her worth as a top-line actor and I hope to see more of her in these kinds of powerful roles in the future.

Zoran S (it) wrote: Entertaining and well-paced. It's basically a Western set in the colonial era. The cinematography is quite strong as well.

Stuart h (nl) wrote: This is probably one of the only movies I enjoyed as a kid that still enjoy as an adult I enjoy every aspect of this movie from its cheesiness to the fight scenes

Paul D (gb) wrote: Workable postscript that reveals more about the history of the legend whilst maintaining some of the horror.

Clay B (kr) wrote: MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (2005)