Tri dnya Viktora Chernyshova

Tri dnya Viktora Chernyshova


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Tri dnya Viktora Chernyshova torrent reviews

Lucie B (ag) wrote: mama mia is veel beter maar tis wel een knappe italiaan

Bogdan S (ru) wrote: Why Colin Firth, why?!

Matthew Y (br) wrote: Sweet drama with strong performances :)

Mateus G (nl) wrote: I refuse to call it an example of the Czech humor, because it could make Czechs feel offended.

Jeremy W (ru) wrote: I waited way to long to see this one.

Private U (au) wrote: Poor, Tony Todd. The main gets a great role in Candyman and then his career goes down the toilet. I recommend seeing "Darkness Falls" if you want to see a movie about a killer shadow.

Lee (au) wrote: Overall this is a better made film compared to the first one, but not as fun. It's more of traditional zombie film and less of a stylized action-fest but still not a great film. It's a little silly at times but it doesn't sink to the hilarious depths of Uwe Boll's effort.

Amber P (au) wrote: The acting of some was better than the acting of others, but that poor kid didn't deserve what he got. I've always enjoyed watching Anton Yelchin work. He's amazing.

Monica M (kr) wrote: Great story, great acting. John Cusack is incredible period. I cried. 'Nuf said.

Matthew A (de) wrote: I loved watching Jean-Pierre Leaud in this, and Maggie Cheung was good and interesting. There are some interesting dynamics at play here, but also some kind of childish ones. There are some elements which are meant to be shocking, but they're done rather immaturely and with not enough weight behind them to affect the audience in a profound way.

Daniel D (au) wrote: It's not great, by any means. But it's entertaining.

John B (au) wrote: Watched this film for the first time since I was a kid recently. It's still as good as I remember. Michael Douglas is at his best and the on screen chemistry between him and Kathleen Turner is brilliant. Danny DeVito is again absolutely perfect in his role and brings some great laughs. This film might be 30 years old but it's still entertaining and packs a punch.

JJ S (de) wrote: Watched before 7/8/2012

Tony G (ca) wrote: Does exactly what it's says on the tin.Not as bad as the more cerebral reviewers are making out, not the best film your ever going to see but not the worst by a long shot.No point looking for spiritualfulfillment in this film, let your mind freewheel and enjoy the special effects and action.