Triad Wars

Triad Wars

In the midst of a violent gang war, a series of misfortunes threaten the fate of a gang boss and his mob.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   torture,   police,  

In the mist of a violent gang war, a series of unfortunate events threatens the fate of a powerful triad leader and his empire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian E (mx) wrote: Money changes everything. #MIFF2012

Brian C (jp) wrote: Very intense. Crawl or Die is a relentless tale of a team trying to rescue the last fertile woman. To escape they must going down a series of small tunnels.They are all being chased by a creature, and one by one are killed in gory fashion. As the move through the tunnel system, however, the tunnels get smaller and smaller, and there is no end in sight.Crawl or Die is wonderful. This movie really shows the tenacity of independent filmmakers. The script is tight, the tension constantly builds with no stop, and we really don't know what will happen.Only let down was the creature that look too much like the xenomorph from Alien. Otherwise a top notch fun movie.

Matt D (it) wrote: Meh.... they really were shoving the indie stereotypes down your throat here. The I didn't really care about the main character. The film would focus more on the scenery than the actual story....if there really even was a story.

Stephanie K (ca) wrote: Political/sports film.Got boring very quickly.

Johnny W (es) wrote: A great date movie! Katherine Heigl is a delight.

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Ian G (nl) wrote: Dana has complimented his fathers incredible work with a documentary on a race thats long overdue.

Andrew O (ca) wrote: Quite possibly the closest we will ever come to a living, breathing cartoon.

Andrew S (jp) wrote: Stuck to the actual events of what John did in real life. Which was cool, but i wish they showed more killing and gore. They leave a lot to your imagination which can be good at times, but for this movie i would of liked to have seen more.Overall an awesome film, i hope to find it on DVD.

Juan E (fr) wrote: Astounding animation, great actors, good story.

Kurtis E (us) wrote: He Said She Said begins as a Battle of the Sexes film, but soon emerges as a muddled and confusion piece of trickery that doesn't even answer it's plot's question about how men and women relate to reality. However, a hilarious performance by seductress Sharon Stone and a bumbling producer played by Nathan Lane save this sinking tinny. The film is technically two films joined into one. The first is a male perspective on reality and the second is about the woman's perspective. However, it would have been more entertaining if they both didn't re-enact the same scenes. The second act shows a different version of the first which doesn't hold your attention for very long because it's almost like watching that first act again. The film attempts to create a Hudson/Day romantic comedy, but over intellectualizes the plot and makes it so detailed that it gives you a head ache to even try and understand what the hell is going on. Feuding TV Personalities turned lovers are played by Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins, and I can honestly say I haven't seen a couple with less chemistry since Garry Shandling and Annette Bening in What Planet Are You From? Bacon brings zero energy levels to the film, and Perkins is only slightly more enjoyable. Sharon Stone plays a typecast role as the seductive other-woman of Bacon's character; but surprisingly, her performance is rather entertaining and enjoyable. Overall, while it's not a total train wreck of a movie, it's a good one at that. Most character's are likable and the story is slightly enjoyable; but overall it is just way too confusing to be entertaining.

David T (ca) wrote: Too frightening and dreary for children and not frightening and dreary enough for adults. However it's storyline is original and stumbles upon the atmosphere we'd later read and see with "Lovely Bones". It's kind of a much darker "Drop Dead Fred" in a way, minus the genius humor of Rik Mayall.

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Christopher B (ca) wrote: While not a great film, it is a musical comedy worth seeing. A shame we couldn't see Rita & the other girls in color here.

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Maria J (gb) wrote: It took me awhile to feel drawn into the story and the characters but when I did I felt the movie to be quietly moving and one that lingered for me for days after. Jimmy is a man who cares about others, about their struggles, who is humble and principled. Who listens. He has the weatherbeaten face and weary smile of someone who has lived. The scenes he shares with his mother are the most touching and they explain where his values came from. The story with his love interest I found somewhat unnecessary though well acted. I felt relieved that they didn't take it further than they did. I was left with the landscapes, the voices and the courage of Jimmy's choices.

Chase M (mx) wrote: Just a good, fun summer action movie.

Yuri B (mx) wrote: It's Stone Cold... so nuff said... "... NOW CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?!"