Tom Canboro is a police detective with a Christian sister, Eileen, a brother, Calvin, a wife, Susan, and eccentric brother-in-law, Jason. One night, Jason seemingly goes insane and tries to kill Eileen, calling her a "hater". Tom soon realises this may be a conspiracy going as far as devil worship, but as he speeds in his car to get help, he suddenly looses control and crashes. Waking up in a strange hospital, he finds years have passed and people all over the world are wearing the mark of 666 on their right hands, and all those who don't are being killed off. Franco Macalusso, the believer in world peace Jason was fond of, now controls the world, and is trying to bring the world together as it was at the tower of Babel. Meanwhile, the "Haters" or Christians are hiding out and airing TBN tapes on the air for people to realise the Messiah is really the Antichrist, but their leader, Helen Hannah, is arrested... Written by The Extra in the Background

Tom Canboro is a police detective with a Christian sister, Eileen, a brother, Calvin, a wife, Susan, and eccentric brother-in-law, Jason. One night, Jason seemingly goes insane and tries to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hamad S (es) wrote: A meditation on the effects of forced industrialization and globalization on a community of nomadic herders. This is a poetic and cerebral endeavor, so its not recommended for the faint of mind.

Tim B (ca) wrote: This could be one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. Even though I'm giving this a 40%, I actually enjoyed the movie. It was obviously an independent film, but it was pretty well done. This story follows the Black Cat Cafe. It opens with a manager firing the cook because he cheated on her by having a threesome. This greatly hurts the cafe because apparently he is the only one in the whole place who can cook. The girl also has someone coming to look at the cafe so she can get a new job. It feels like a story a lot of us can relate to. Everyone at one point in their life hates their job and wants to get away, but you tend to realize that you love the place more than you think. Throughout the movie you will see gay waiters, a crazy grandmother with a shotgun, a guy crapping himself, and even a cross dresser. Very weird, but semi-entertaining. Sorry its short, but its a film you just have to watch and make your own judgement about. Interesting to see big names like Mena Suvari (American Beauty and American Pie), Breckin Meyer (Road Trip and Can't Hardly Wait), and Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up and 27 Dresses) in such a low budget film.

Tanner B (fr) wrote: Constantine (2005) C-120m. ??Exorcist who's been to Hell before (a well-cast Reeves) finds demons on earth and sends them below. Meanwhile, Weisz learns her twin sister was unfairly condemned; can Reeves manage to retrieve her from Hell, gain absolution, and prevent other nonsense? Don't bother!

Barry K (mx) wrote: Total 'Friday the 13th'...with snow. I mean really. Even with the 'Jason-like' character.

Phil H (es) wrote: Ah here we have an old Charles Band trick. This film was made back to back with the previous film and then cut in two. Problem is this half isn't too long so they have padded out the first six/seven minutes with back story from the last film! weak.So its the same again with the same people and the same baddie leader who conveniently comes back from the dead to be the baddie leader in this film again!. So if you read my review of number four you will get an idea for number five, identical stuff at a run time of 1hour 14min!!I do like the films poster art for this one though, all these films have some great cheesy 80's style poster art. The films title isn't half bad either 'Sudden Deth', nice play on words there.This film also marked the last time Thomerson stars as Deth in this franchise. I guess he finally got bored or they just couldn't afford to pay him anymore.

Claudia G (jp) wrote: ... nothing to do with the book

Ed B (br) wrote: Woody Allen at his best. Starts out slow but really picks up as the movie progresses. Great physical humor and a great storyline.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: This was ok but had the feel of a made-for-tv movie.

Nate J (fr) wrote: My wife and I are massive fans of the show, so when it came to watching it for potentially an hour and a half straight, we were buzzing. Problem is, a feature movie can't capture the random craziness of the show, especially when there's no live audience to bump off. The plot is very reminiscent of Ali G InDaHouse (which still stands as one of my top five favourite movies ever!) but is a weaker story. The characters are still their loveable and brilliant selves, but the real star of the movie (as in the show IMO) is Buster. Damn he's funny. It's worth a watch if you're a fan, but the atmosphere is missing from this.