Trick Baby

Trick Baby

Two Phildelphia con men try to evade gangsters they have conned and cops who are trying to put them in jail.

Two Phildelphia con men try to evade gangsters they have conned and cops who are trying to put them in jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy G (nl) wrote: In Time is a movie I recommend to any casual and not overly critical movie goer. This movie combines originality with killer suspense and good action. This movie keeps the viewer on there feet, and afterwards their eyes on the clock. Don't be surprised of you find yourself thinking what you would do if you only had a day to live!

Stephen J (nl) wrote: Amazing everything moment made me laugh, and he's an amazing comedian and actor.

Faisal M (br) wrote: what a great movie and the locations of kashmir are really good. Its a story about a kid and his donkey. the kid lives with his mother and sister, the father is missing and the family has no news about him. one fine day, due to circumstances his donkey (given by his father) is taken away from. how the boy gets(or doesnt get) his donkey back is the story of the movie. Brilliant actiong by the kid (only kid after taare zameen par and black i found good), anupam kher and rahul bose were good too. The scenes involing anupam kher and the kid were really good. overall a really good movie.

Cedric L (br) wrote: Well-filmed documentary that's surprisingly brutal as it is educational.

Don S (jp) wrote: Cute enough movie. Nothing really new here, but it goes down painlessly (mostly). Tisdale is playing a similar character to Maddie on Suite Life of Zack and Cody: smart, nerdish, lower middle class. It suits her acting skill set well. You root for her to achieve her dream but don't really get too caught up in it because it just isn't that deep. The characters are mostly all cliche but likeable none the less. About what you would expect from a made for cable romantic comedy.

Nick P (ru) wrote: Utterly preposterous, and if you're in the right mood, very funny. Rupert Murdoch's less evil English counterpart starts a global military apocalypse to give his news shows better ratings.It's a glorious '90s throwback, in which newspapers actually have power, British and Russian generals briefly stand shoulder-to-shoulder, the TVs are monolithic blurry boxes and the mobile phones are just starting to become non-gigantic. The body count is GARGANTUAN (which nobody cares about), poor henchmen and even innocent bystanders are punched/kicked in the face just for the sake of it, and the #2 baddie is a Nazi posterboy literally named (I'm not joking) Mr Stamper. It's incredibly silly. It's incredibly fun.It's also a big improvement on Goldeneye (in my opinion at least), with Bond able to communicate beyond one-liners, more memorable action sequences, steamier 'romance', more of a point to the plot, and a much better sense of humour.Jonathan Pryce is maybe not the absolute most menacing baddie ever to grace the series, but he says "Mr Bond" better than anyone in quite a few decades. Other than that, the only real flaw as far as I'm concerned is that it's a bit long, so as often happens with Brosnan-era Bonds, you get some action fatigue towards the end. This is mitigated if you're a sadist like me who gets a kick out of seeing numerous terrible things happen to henchmen, however.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: My kind of a rom-com to enjoy that was well developed with a piece of the sports genre of a baseball film, and charming with the performances of Barrymore and Fallon bringing along some good humor. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Peter E (ca) wrote: Boring and uninteresting.

Steven G (fr) wrote: One of Allen's silliest movies, Sleeper nonetheless is also his most consistently funny, successfully parodying the sci-fi genre with jokes that almost always hit and are often hysterical. It's like a stand-up routine, a Benny Hill sketch, and a Mel Brooks sci-fi spoof all rolled into one.

David B (nl) wrote: Delightful adaptation of the film The Shop Around the Corner (1940) about two love-struck pen pals who inadvertently work together. Also the basis for You've Got Mail (1998).Sparks fly between the protagonists, Judy Garland and Van Johnson disguising their attraction with incessant bickering at work, all the while falling in love through letters.The pace is somewhat lumpy, taking time to come to a boil but the results are satisfying and the story is refreshingly strong for a musical.Garland may have been tormenting the studio off screen -- the film was produced at the height of her acrimonious end at MGM -- but for the camera she is radiant in a role perfectly suited for the sweet persona cultivated since her earliest films.

Matt A (fr) wrote: A surprisingly good zombie comedy. I wasn't expecting Shaun of the Dead levels of hilarity but this is one of those films that doesn't shy away from the gore and some decent action scenes. The comedy is a little too puerile and childish, the emphasise on boob and cock jokes can be a little heavy handed but does provide some gross out gags. The zombies also were pretty decent, although they were sprinters, but still pretty gross, which I enjoyed. Gross and dumb fun. Give it a shot.