Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Eddie is your average 80's metal head teen. Now he's obsessed with his heavy-metal superstar idol, Sammi Curr who is killed in a hotel fire. Eddie becomes the recipient of the only copy of Curr's unreleased album, which when played backwards brings Sammi back to life. As Halloween approaches, Eddie begins to realize that this isn't only rock 'n roll... it's life and death.

Sammi Curr was a famous, devil-worshiping rock star who died under mysterious circumstances. When a young friend plays his last, unreleased record backwards, he is brought back to life again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe C (gb) wrote: Light on plot, brief on unpleasantries and long on french flavors! Mmmm...

Kim K (es) wrote: Enjoyed it thoroughly. Well shot, great atmosphere and fun to watch.

Leena L (gb) wrote: not even McConaughey without a shirt could keep me entertained. Fast forwarded most of it. What a waste of ... everything.

Keith M (gb) wrote: i was okay but the usual sillyness and pointless action parts. not too good.

Frances H (au) wrote: This film was rather interesting,and though far from the best film on the subject, was definitely not the worst. There is a niche for low budget Indie films.

Jordan B (br) wrote: This is a B-grade fantasy/action flick, and very enjoyable if you realize going in what you're in for. The graphics are inconsistent, sometimes very believeable, sometimes....not. It was kinda funny to see Timothy Dalton looking older, and to see Sean Bean in something other than Lord Of The Rings. (He was why I had wanted to see it when it was on TV originally...) Overall, not bad. Should satisfy anyone who wants an alternative to Disney...

David F (de) wrote: maybe the most difficult movie i saw in 2007 . . . i mean there are some obvious things going on--ruminations on male culture and the problematic nature of women's place in that culture and of course all of the quasi-melvillean stuff about cockfighting itself; but there are also so many unexplainable things. is harry dean stanton's character part of the male culture or is he a lesbian? what about the richard b. shull character? seriously, what the fuck is (s)he supposed to even be? oh, and let us not forget the presenting of the chicken head and warren oates's first spoken line (which isn't voice-over) . . . can anyone tell me what this is about in a satisfying way?

Roxanne R (ag) wrote: Good film about redemption and new beginnings! Matthew Modine stars as "Mac" McClain, an emotionally crippled attorney who's lost his faith in God and himself. That's when Mac reluctantly decides to take on one last case: a young man played by Randy Wayne, facing the death penalty for first-degree murder.But nothing can prepare Mac for the startling twists and turns of the ensuing trial, as the determined lawyer fights for justice and seeks a path to his own redemption. Recommended!

Evan H (us) wrote: It could have been better! The writers got too carried away. Cary Grant and Jayne Mansfield are the main reason to see this movie!

Mike M (ru) wrote: The casting of Toth perhaps sets up expectations of grim realism, yet her anti-Scheherazade - the courtesan who would makes any sane man run a thousand miles in the opposite direction - signals Neshat's desire to subvert the standard "Arabian Nights" framework, with its male-oriented and male-controlled storytelling. Though fantasy elements are still in place - the misty glades and stagnant swamps could be straight out of a fairytale, as is the unexplained revival of characters long thought dead - but there's no sign of a happy ending, that love might just conquer all... Too widescreen to be left to languish unwatched in installation spaces, yet not entirely satisfactory as cinema, it turns what would have been a provocative encounter in a gallery into a fairly glum night out at the Curzon Mayfair. When Fakhri (Shahrzad), the middle-aged wife of an army general, is inducted into a wonderland of her own - a secret society of "decadent" poets, playwrights and actresses - we can be pretty certain it won't be long before hubby and his troops come knocking at the door. Visual and narrative pleasure in "Women Without Men" always come to be turned against themselves; for all its stunning imagemaking, it remains a pointed text, a prepared statement, more than it is a fully-realised, multi-dimensional picture.

Dan P (ag) wrote: Emily Lloyd gives an excellent performance