A honest but disgraced Police Inspector's attempts to clear his name pits him against terrorists and the brother of his sweetheart.

A honest but disgraced Police Inspector's attempts to clear his name pits him against terrorists and the brother of his sweetheart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larissa K (fr) wrote: It is a great job to stay true to your self but in this movie it showed me, that you never know what you can do unless you try

Nathan M (ag) wrote: Maybe not as expansive as it should be, but director Joe Berlinger once again proves that he is capable of telling an even handed story about complex characters. Whitey Bulger is a monster in his own right, but maybe so is the US government. Berlinger keeps the story moving fast, the characters compelling, and the narrative coherent despite its sweeping content.

Ivan C (us) wrote: I expected this to be terrible, but it was actually pretty entertaining. It was formulaic and predictable, but the characters were likeable and the movie never tried to take itself too seriously or pretend to be something it isn't. I saw it on Netflix and my biggest complaint is that the subtitles were a little hard to read. It's rated "R", but it easily could have been rated PG13, it's pretty family safe.

Gene B (ag) wrote: A bitter shivering between blackest humour and realistic gore, making you forgetting the popcorn after a slow envolving.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Unique vision. Whimsical and funny--An Amazing Film Experience!!

Charlie L (mx) wrote: Gibson shines in this powerfully violent portrayal.

Evan H (de) wrote: It's so bad it's good! It's stupid yet a cult wannabe movie. It has over-the-top dialogue and scenes that would make even a monkey laugh!

Ruth L (br) wrote: Kinda funny, but it's your basic Lifetime kind of movie.

Frances H (kr) wrote: I loved this film that I saw when it first came out in 1983 and it certainly is a movie that has not aged in the slightest. Never Cry Wolf is just as relevant insightful today. The scene where Tyler runs with the caribou herd is one that will always haunt your memory. If you liked this film, you should watch a Spanish movie called Entre Lobos (Among Wolves) that came out in 2010-11. It is also superb with spectacular cinematography and a great story about wolves that is based on a true story, too.

Justin S (it) wrote: Few funny parts, liked nerd guy from ghostbusters best. Inaccurate, makes army look weak, portrays CPT as a dud

Charles P (mx) wrote: Un Chien Andalou is the kind of picture that breaks free of orthodox ideas of direction, art, and logic. Even today, it churns with inventive, repulsive skill.

Ben F (de) wrote: The one Lynch movie that just didn't hold me. Through the first hour or so, he spins a very interesting story about an actress falling into her character, but as the film derails, it's hard to focus on anything. This is heightened by the fact that the film is shot on video at a time where video was awful quality - so it's a standard def home-video feel. I actually came to appreciate the style and intimacy that provided, but it made appreciating the visuals more difficult as the narrative dropped off.