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Walter M (es) wrote: In 1982, Roberto Torres(Dougray Scott) returns to his native Madrid to research a book about Josemaria Escriva(Charlie Cox). Luckily for Roberto, his father Manolo(Wes Bentley) still lives in the city. Unluckily for Roberto, they have not spoken in eight years. Regardless, Manolo sends him whatever relevant material he has, as he and Roberto were friends when they were growing up, even studying in the same seminary at one point. Once upon a time, writer-director Roland Joffe had a flair for historical epics when he made sweeping and excellent timeless films such as "The Mission" and "The Killing Fields." Sadly, that was a long time ago and with the exception of neat cinematography(credit to Gabriel Beristain), especially with Manolo coming into focus in a mirror, there is not much to like in "There Be Dragons," as it serves mostly as just a banal distortion of history. For example, in reality, the Catholic Church was on the side of the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, so at least they were not totally persecuted as shown here.(For the record, if somebody is too good to be true, they most likely are.) That's not to mention a dueling lumbering narrative that does little to advance the movie's central themes of forgiveness. Remember, some times you do have to take a side.

alan j (ru) wrote: touching slow paced drama that takes time to unfold. Beautifully photographed, and a special film with an interesting story. My only complaint is that the entire film leads up to the end moment, when the 2 leads are reunited. However, that climax is so soft, almost to a whisper. I believe more could have been developed out of that moment, so in that sense a lost opportunity. An excellent work for a first time director.

Nikolaos S (kr) wrote: Young girl moves to the country,hooks up with old woman,old woman dies and young girl inherits her huge porn collection:) The countryside looks cool though

Donovan S (au) wrote: Bitter old man vs a loving music teacher. That's what it looks like on the surface, but watch the movie, and you'll see that its so much more. This film is about the power that love has to not only defeat opponents, but to turn them into your friends in the process. Funny, heart-felt, great acting awesome soundtrack and the girls are real good looking. See it. 3.5 in the States4.5 in Bollywood.

Amelia L (au) wrote: I owned this on VHS. Long live the nineties!

Lisa (mx) wrote: "I ate there the other night, had a bowl of soup because I was starvin'. but god it was sour."

Tara H (au) wrote: Dark, discomfiting and utterly compelling.

Larry W (es) wrote: Great trio of short anime, though thematically pretty mismatched. Expect more of a sampler than a film.

John S (mx) wrote: It's not perfect. The story isn't the most original, and the ending was begging for a cleaner exposition. But there are very few actors who are simply captivating with every word they say (or sing), and Frank Sinatra is one of them, and Meet Danny Wilson is Sinatra at his best. He is MAGIC. And every other cast member manages to hold their own against his majesty, the Chairman, and the chemistry between the three leads is incredible. The musical numbers are stupendous, everything about this movie is stupendous. Sinatra fans will be grinning from ear to ear every second of the movie.

David L (it) wrote: Gilda has engaging acting, some memorable, humorous lines and Rita Hayworth's luminous screen presence, but it ends up being typical regarding the story which is a shame because it could have been much better owing to a promising beginning. It is a not quite successful mix of genres.