Trilogy of Lust

Trilogy of Lust

A failed medical student running a fish farm in Hong Kong buys a new wife...

A failed medical student running a fish farm in Hong Kong buys a new wife... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tooba A (gb) wrote: I love love love this musical/movie! It is cute, filled w good looking actors and actresses, and made my heart ooze with wishing my life can turn out like this.

Peggy T (kr) wrote: Watched this documentary about Afghanistan's version of American Idol last evening and just loved it! A very entertaining and informative glimpse into what life is like these days for ordinary men and women in Afghanistan.

Trky B (ca) wrote: My god how did I miss this. Uwe Boll apparently made his red dragon if u know what I mean. This is one of the most realistic, claustrophobic, disturbing, and emotionally charged films ive ever seen. You have to see this. Perfectly shot for the material, wonderfully acted with a hauntingly subtle score. This is the best Edward Furlong has been since American history X. Wow.

Ellie L (it) wrote: not to speak ill of a classic... but the second one was better than the first. oh well, Bambi is still the classic. no doubt about that

Tyler B (mx) wrote: Wonderful start to a fantastic trilogy. Although I prefer the extended editions, this captures the true spirit of a mythical adventure from the start. The sets are carefully crafted and depict a fantastic rendering of Middle Earth. The cast is perfect from Elijah Wood as Frodo to Ian Mckellen as Gandalf. This film will go down in history along the likes of Star Wars.

Billie G (ru) wrote: can't wait to see it

Heather P (ca) wrote: This was a great movie, when I watched it hears ago and I still love it now! The kids (10 & 12) loved it too!

Joe G (gb) wrote: This little Mob revenge thriller has been overlooked, but it is a thrill a minute. Robert Duvall and Joe Don Baker are great together, and the rest of the cast is perfect.

Justin W (ru) wrote: What can I say, just a good Wayne movie.

Marina G (kr) wrote: War creates monsters. When we support war we destroy the humanity in our soldiers as well as their victims. Good movie. Somehow all the reviewers missed the main point of the movie.

Juliano K (kr) wrote: Tilda rules the movie, the movie itself isnt bad, although its kinda slow paced. Tilda swinton deserves a 10 stars tho!