Trilogy of Terror

Trilogy of Terror

Three bizarre horror stories ending with the story of an African doll out for blood.

Three bizarre horror stories all of which star Karen Black in four different roles playing tormented women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trilogy of Terror torrent reviews

(gb) wrote: a touched and interesting movie

Mike N (br) wrote: i watched this because howards sterns bigfoot and other goonies are in it IT IS. BABA BOOEY IT IS.

roberto l (ca) wrote: Want to see it soo bad

Larisa L (ag) wrote: mastandera is an incredibel actor, the complete cast was amazing and the story is an ode to our first love - mom :)

Bruce B (mx) wrote: Being a full time Dad and doing 90 mpercent of daily work I can relate with this movie and the 1000's of Moms who are home doing it alone. 4 STARS

isha j (br) wrote: laughter riot.....roller coaster ride...simply grrrt

Brodie A (it) wrote: Mary (Jena Malone) attends a very uppity Christian school with her friend Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore). Mary's boyfriend, Dean, openly admits to being gay. In Mary's persuit to rid her boyfriend of his sinful desires she has a vision instructing her to have sex with Dean. Right before the school year kicks off Dean's parents find a gay magazine in his room. They ship Dean away to a sin rehab center for high school kids. Mary is lost without Dean and quickly discovers... she's pregnant. Mary hides her pregnancy from everyone, including her mother (Mary Louise Parker... Weeds fans!). She spent her whole life in a very aggressive Christian environment and was at a true loss as to what to do or who to talk to. Even her closest friend, Hilary Faye, acted like Mary was the worst person to live on this Earth once she found out the news. Saved! had me thinking of a friends Christian school the entire time. If you attended a Christian school I'm sure you found the humor oddly accurate. If you didn't attend a school like this you were probably thinking "WTF" the entire time. Mandy Moore was absolutely ridiculous. Jena Malone did a great job seeming lost. Macaulay Culkin makes an appearance as a crippled Christian attendee who is at the extreme "mercy" of Hilary Faye. Overall, decent comedy that is definitely over the top. It's streaming on Netflix and I would give it a shot if you are not sure what to watch after work this week and need a good laugh. I'm snickering just thinking about it and I watched this movie a few weeks ago.

Chus v (de) wrote: One of the 90s underrated gems. A bit bland, but still likeable and with a screenplay that demands audiences to pay attention. A film I rewatch from time to time, with clear influences by Capra and Ford, even more so than Spielberg's.

Andy (it) wrote: 1 of my oldest telivision memories is from this movie. It was the earl 80's/pre remote control. We had one of them brown boxes with the wire connected to the t.v. 4 channel control. Anyway the parts I remember vividly are when he blows a huge buubble & when he catches bullets in his teeth. Very funny, I reccomend it to everyone.

Emmanuel B (it) wrote: What a pleasure to watch that masterpiece again. One can only be in awe in front of Gene Kelly's incredible gift as a dancer and a shining actor. A real dose of positiveness teaching life lessons in best possible way. Hollywood at its best, the Hollywood we miss so much.