Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes

Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes

The navy's detective gets his brother, the ex-gambler to help him liquidate an illegal gaming house on a yacht near Miami.

This movie is about a navy Lieutenant named Johnny Firpo (Terence Hill) who is ordered to work with the Miami Police force to help stop a gang of crooked card sharks. He needs the help of a pro gambler-now retired named Charlie Firpo.(Bud Spencer) Charlie won't help Johnny, so Johnny steals Charlies transfer truck and he then agrees to help him. They both find out that they are half brothers. Johnny convinces Charlie that their father is "Blind" and need to raise $ 100,000 for an eye operation. So Charlie becomes a gambler again just to raise the money. [Mark-371] . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana B (de) wrote: Fans of Star Trek will enjoy this.

Toni M (ag) wrote: I have no idea where these critics are coming from. Could it be because for once Christianity is celebrated and not mocked as Hollywood so often does in movies? I have not seen one review from the people who really matter - the audience - who don't absolutely love this movie. And the people count. A stunning performance from Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta astounding, sensitive and powerful. Ashley Judd sensitive and entrancing. I sometimes feel the rest of us mortals exist in a different world in comparison with some critics who like down from on high be smirking some of the most beautiful work seen on a screen in a long, long time.

Shay B (nl) wrote: It was a horribly cheesy made for tv movie. I feel a lot more dumb just for having watched it.

Scott K (us) wrote: Cold Souls is like Being John Malkovitch and Eternal Sunshine combined, but not quite as good as either.

Jason D (us) wrote: Sick Girl certainly lives up to its name as the lead title character (Leslie Andrews), also referred to as Izzy is left alone to watch over and take care of her much younger brother, since both their parents are dead and the oldest sibling is fighting in the war. What family and friends don't know about Izzy is she is in fact a very sick and demented young woman, who opens the movie with a bang by peeing on nuns, slitting dude's throat, and setting a schoolgirl ablaze, not to mention taking a few people captive to torture in her barnyard. When she's not doing that, she's sticking up for her little brother by dispensing the worst imaginable payback to young bullies (that's right folks, if nuns weren't safe, then small children certainly aren't as well). The end result is a vastly dark, depraved, ultra-violent and gory, sick, and bloody disgusting movie, and I'm just talking about the first hour; it only gets worse in the last 20 minutes, especially if you're not a fan of penis castration or sharpened strap-on fucking. Don't go in expecting any plot substance or quality acting; this film is very simply aiming for shock and awe. Granted, it's garnered towards a specific audience, and only that audience should be watching this film. For those of you whose idea of a scary movie is The Grudge, stay very far away from this movie. Your weak hearts won't be able to handle it. As for me, I've seen worse, but this definitely jarred me awake when I humorously decided to start my morning off with this movie.

Caius C (au) wrote: From the opening 7 minute shootout between the cops and the dastardly group of bank robbers, you known Breaking News is not going to be your average cop movieIt is in fact of the most amazingly choreographed and scripted movies I've ever seen. The action is terrific, performances incredible, especially Richie Jen and the filming entirely in the building is just extraordinary.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, March 19, 2012 (2001) Baran (In Iranian with English subtitles) DRAMA Small story stretched into a well made hour and a half film! Excellent 1st act, okay second act and 3/4 of the story is conventional with a great 4th act! Similar to other border crossing movies between Mexico and the United States centering on immigrants looking for work, in this case illegal Afganies illegally entering into Iranian soil to make a dollar. Movie stars Hossein Abedini as Lateef whose assigned to the most easiest job of this construction site as tea server and he cuts corners by doing the least amount of work as much as possible to get more for his dollar. Upon coming to work, an injury happens injuring one of the workers, and on the very next day, an old man shows up along with his son claiming that he's working on behalf of the injured person in question! All was okay until this new person accidently spills plaster on another worker below and then Lateef making fun of him at the same time making the boss to pull Lateef out of his easy going job and then giving it to the young boy making him to work with the other workers. Lateef gets upset about this and threatens to get even with the little boy until he suddenly dumping wet plaster on him, who also got the old man he was walking with. The irony was that the supposedly young boy is really a young lady who appears to be almost the same age as the leading character changing his whole attitude toward her who has the opportunity to sqeal on her. This is just on the first thirty minutes by the way, meaing that the reason I'm describing this is that despite what people see on television and on the news about Iranians and about the people of Afganistan, some of the films coming out of there are civilized and non-violent which don't involve any political turmoil at all, with at the same time showcasing females labelled as second class citizens over coming their secondary class roles which is similar to what happened everywhere else no matter where you live. This film is originally a 75% but that one scene near the beginning when Lateef finds out who this boy really is, is powerful as they come. 3 out of 4

Rebecca S (us) wrote: I watched this as a small Alan Rickman tribute, and I'm so glad I did. What a strange, sweet, and funny movie! Enrico Colantoni steals the show as the alien leader. So good!

Talia D (de) wrote: creo que me gust... no me acuerdo muy bien. el personaje de cecilia roth es inaguantable, para variar

Carlos M (ca) wrote: The greenish cinematography and '70s visuals for a futurist dystopia look terribly dated today, and even if the film has an interesting idea and a beautiful death scene, Fleischer's direction (more focused on the procedural and the action) makes it look silly and unimaginative.

Vivian G (us) wrote: A good movie about love and other things too

Yuuka T (au) wrote: Long drawn out with not much character development or chemistry between cast members. The idea was interesting but overall, the film is quiet - not in a suspenseful or dark way but in a slow and almost boring manner. Not particularly terrible but also wouldn`t recommend it.

Leslie A (mx) wrote: Kind of flat. Characters either idiotic or underdeveloped. Monster design seems ripped off from "Alien".

Scott R (us) wrote: Saw it this past Tuesday night. Great movie.

James M (fr) wrote: This movie received very poor ratings, but I found it to be entertaining. I love these types of movies.