Trinity Goes East

Trinity Goes East

Wily ace thief Trinity steals the dragon ball from Shaolin Temple. The dragon ball gets misplaced. Trinity joins forces with gruff, determined Interpol agent Bambino, formidable karate master Meng Ray, and feisty tour guide Wen Ling to retrieve the dragon ball before it falls into the hands of the wicked Paschy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Wily ace thief Trinity steals the dragon ball from Shaolin Temple. The dragon ball gets misplaced. Trinity joins forces with gruff, determined Interpol agent Bambino, formidable karate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trinity Goes East torrent reviews

DeWeY 4 (de) wrote: Interesting Flick. I wanna say there was an NES game based on this film, but couldn't find anything on it.

Shawn P (ca) wrote: Awesome movie! Not just blood and gore but an actual plot that kept me interested. Great job by Tyler Mane in his producing debut. Had a fantastic time meeting him and Renae Geerlings at the Greensboro, NC premiere!

Facu S (it) wrote: quizs la trama era interesante pero la hicieron psimamente aburrida y densa.

Mira B (mx) wrote: Sad sad story, but beautifully told. With lots of colours and sparks. The odd film that proves that not always lovers win and that some people are not ready to be loved. Mathieu Amalric great as always in his role of dynamic character who wants to die. Quite amusing.

Benny G (de) wrote: This movie is absolutely awesome i loved it.

Ryan W (br) wrote: I LIKE Shrek 2 but I do believe it is a bit overrated, while the film is very funny (hilarious actually) the film still is lacking in the story telling element leaving us with many plot holes and character contradictions from the previous film, BUT Shrek 2 remains a thoroughly entertaining sequel with extremely clever jokes and fantastic animation.

David J (de) wrote: Equally funny, annoying, and stupid. Will Smith is pretty good as the lethal, fast-talking cop. Martin Lawrence is equally good as the mostly-competent, fast-talking cop who annoys the heck out of you. Action is crazy, but Michael Bay does it his way and that means oversaturation and questionable use of sexual themes. The car chases are too long, and when I said Lawrence's character was annoying, he gets REALLY annoying. But in the end, its merely a forgettable but generally fun action romp.

John R (es) wrote: Work, chant, reading, throwing shade, vogue-ing etc. It is sad how eight seasons of Rupaul's Drag Race can make you forget that everything was born in the grimy 70's New York scene and was not conceived inside sanitized TV studios in Los Angeles. The drag queen culture was given birth in the poverty stricken inner city African-American, Latino, transgender, and homosexual communities. What is more amusing while watching this film is when you realize that this was shot during the combined 12 years of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. With the Christian Right's Moral Majority setting the direction of the entire nation, this beautiful subculture persisted and bloomed. 26 years later, heterosexuals have co-opted much of it, making what was once a niche culture mainstream."We as a people for the past 400 years is the greatest example of behavior modification in the history of civilization. We have had everything taken away from us and yet we have all learned to survive."In the age of Donald Trump, "Paris is Burning" is showing us hope will never dim if you keep fighting.

Derek D (au) wrote: The question isn't why did I watch this film, but instead why did I watch THE ENTIRE THING START TO FINISH? Not funny. Not even stupid funny, though Jim Varney was a terribly underrated actor in his lifetime.

Michael M (fr) wrote: This is about as '80s as '80s movies can be in terms of fashion and the fact that just about everybody still smokes. Demi Moore was such a hottie back then even though she's not packing much up top pre-boob job. Belushi is hilarious and Elizabeth Perkins plays quite the bitchy friend. Reagan Era at it's finest.

Riri R (jp) wrote: LOVE it... this movie is just like omg if you love patsy you'll just love this

Carlos M (mx) wrote: It must think that it is so exciting to make Jean-Paul Belmondo run up and down the entire movie, but in fact it is only repetitious, predictable and inane, with a sense of humor that usually falls flat (despite a few good moments) and a loose structure that makes it feel overlong.