Triple Hit

Triple Hit

Rebecca is a disgraced scientists carrying out illegal experiments to confirm the existence and begin travel between parallel universes.She accidentally cracks the problem. Her counterparts in neighboring universes are also working on the same problem but they but they have their own agendas and things get out of hand.

Rebecca is a disgraced scientists carrying out illegal experiments to confirm the existence and begin travel between parallel universes.She accidentally cracks the problem. Her counterparts... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (jp) wrote: This film trudges along for what feels like 4 hours and has absolutely no pay off. Easily last year's worst film.

Joe K (mx) wrote: imagine an 80's porn star obsessed Napoleon Dynamite going on a road trip to find and meet her, and thats this movie. Only not as funny. A little too slow moving, for sure. not bad tho

Stacy S (jp) wrote: I love Lewis Black. I think his style of comedy is hilarious and his facial expressions are priceless!

Danniel P (mx) wrote: I was a bit disappointed with this movie. I have always been a fan of Bob Franklin and Mick Molloy since they were on (well in Mick Molloy's case anyway) the Martin/Molloy radio program in the late 90s, and later, in films like Bad Eggs and Crackerjack. Molloy's crass and out there sense of humour and Bob Franklin's stonewall schtick that theyre both famed for didnt come through on screen, which made the film somewhat boring and unwatchable. The cast is great, but in another movie more suited to the actors, it would be much more watchable

kevin s (ag) wrote: ok movie like two funny parts i dont think artie lang is funny at all

Michael R (kr) wrote: Really adds little to the original movie and the second incarnation.

Duan I (us) wrote: Such a great little movie. :)

Eric C (gb) wrote: Intense, mouvant, troublant

Kris W (es) wrote: 'A comedy about life, death and freedom ' Written, directed by, and starring John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby, Dirty Dozen). Uses "Jazz" acting, which means it is supposed to be improvised after the initial setup, kind of like Curb ur Enthusiasm. It is an interesting premise, but it's hard to take for over 2 plus hours. His previous film Faces is supposed to be similar but far better. His son Nick Cassavetes directed both The Notebook (starring his mom Gena Rowlands) and Alpha dog.

Daniel H (it) wrote: :fresh: [CENTER]A great example for historic fiction in the 1950's.[/CENTER]

Cindy I (it) wrote: A tension-filled trip on a U.S. submarine heading to bomb Japan in WWII. Cary Grant does a great job as the boat captain, leading John Garfield, Dane Clark and Alan Hale into the Sea of Japan, through nests of undersea mines and enemy ships. I found myself holding my breath during some of the more tense action. Is that's not enough to recommend it, I don't know what else it would take.

Fernando F (de) wrote: Oscar bait. None of the punch that Django Unchained had. Like slavery-themed ambient music.

Guido S (au) wrote: A group is doing an expedition down deep in a cave when a storm hits and traps them so they need to find a way to escape. Could have been an interesting movie, but the characters were just really unlikable. To make matters worse, these 'researchers/scientists' make dumb decision after dumb decision which feels like they deserve everything they get and more. Just a slog to get through. Though there were some nice visual shots, a lot of the sets looked like Styrofoam and some of the effects were pretty bad.

Jessica L (nl) wrote: It's pretty horrible for a comedy because it's not funny at all. But I was surprised at how honest the movie was at describing a mother-son relationship/parent-child relationship. This movie has its moments and character developments. So overall, not too terrible.