Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Ex-assassin, Dina Lo Bianca, receives an offer she cannot refuse, thrusting her back into the world of hired guns, espionage, and surveillance. Thriple Threat is an action filled thriller loaded with bikinis, bikes, and brawls. A fun, entertaining, rocking feature with rising star talent presented by a true independent film director.

Ex-assassin, Dina Lo Bianca, receives an offer she cannot refuse, thrusting her back into the world of hired guns, espionage and surveillance. With the help of her young sexy protégé and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane T (ca) wrote: cant wait to see this!!! hottest guy alive

Laurent P (br) wrote: Du style, du rythme, Lhermitte impeccable en ministre petaradant, mais tout ceci n'est pas franchement au service d'une intrigue qui scotche, d'une finalite qui mobilise veritablement...

Nathan M (ca) wrote: Visually striking, stylistically innovative, and textually interesting, Gasland is one of the most fascinating documentaries I've ever seen. Writer/director Josh Fox brings a guerrilla-style feel to his film, but it also plays like a fantastic piece of writing. He's able to keep the narrative moving, while making us feel connected to the personal stories, and feel the large-scale effects of frakking. At some point it doesn't matter how biased the film is, because it just is so brilliant and captivating.

Dennis L (ru) wrote: Deeply engaging with its own brand of justice. Its a great look into the war on drugs

amana k (de) wrote: shuru hogaye.........................

Dave J (ru) wrote: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 (1967) To Sir, With Love DRAMA Although, actor Sidney Poiter was in the previous film similar to this one that also deals with troubled youths in schools, he used to play one in the 1955 film called "Blackboard Jungle", which his role was only a minor one. And even though, "Blackboard Jungle" was the first film to address the problem of troubled teenagers, "To Sir With Love" is probably the solution to that problem. And this time, Poiter returns as a teacher named "Mr. Thackeray", or his students address him as "Sir", who's adapting to a particular class with the students intentions was to drive him crazy enough to leave the school altogether. He was able to understand the students, which would eventually lead the class in accepting him instead. It is a concept that can still hold today, even with all the technology that has come to play. To introduce all of life's values into classroom's before their final year had not always been used, but should be in some instances which works well with this film just like in real life. The song "To Sir With Love" sung by actress and singer Lulu was also an instant hit. 3.5 out of 4 stars

Shane H (jp) wrote: Brendan Fraser starring as: himself.

Alexander P (it) wrote: An underated action film. Simple plot, great cast and a few great plot twists.