Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble

Slip and the gang (Bowery Boys) take the rap for a robbery they did not commit.

Slip, Sach, Whitey, Butch and Chuck witness a warehouse robbery, and are arrested and jailed on suspicion. Gabe Moreno, their lawyer-friend gets them released on bail. Since the charge of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan G (gb) wrote: The "PTSD theory" of Salinger is the spine of this film. There is a lot to enjoy here even if it feels a bit scattershot.

Dakota F (nl) wrote: Moving, Touching, Heart warming, all descriptions that can be applied to this movie. The acting is really good, some of the delivery Benjamin Bratt brought to the table were very memorable and the rest of the cast as well delivered great performances, I don't understand why the RT score is so low for this film, But I definitely suggest it, although warning, for some of you it may be tear provoking haha.

Mister X (ag) wrote: MINDFLESH (Independent, 2008)WRITTEN BY: Robert Pratten based upon the novelby William Scheinman DIRECTED BY: Robert PrattenFEATURING: Peter Bramhill, Carole Derrien, Christopher Fairbank, Roy Borrett, Steven Burrell, Isabella Jade Fane, Lucy Liemann, Clare Routh GENRE: HORROR/SCI-FITAGS: fantasy; aliens; nudity; rape; 100 Weird!RATING: 8 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A troubled man with a dark secret unwittingly summons from another dimension, an alien nymphomaniac. She just may represent a race of gods, and they're none too happy about her latest tryst.COMMENTS: Wow! Mindflesh threw me for a loop and really knocked me back in my seat! Discovering a prize like this in a media slurry of mainstream mediocrity is like running across the fabled Star of India in a trash heap.Slick, fresh, Mindflesh is a bizarre horror yarn about sexual obsession, body disassociation, and morbid metamorphoses. Independent writer/director Robert Patten outdoes himself, making an extreme departure from his first feature length effort, London Voodoo (reviewed below.) Mindflesh is a surreal shocker. It's sexy, grotesque, and provocative. It's a crazy, jarring ride through alternative consciousness, through the chilling, the macabre, the uncanny, and the wantonly perverse. Patten has accomplished the nearly impossible task of visually translating to the screen in a sensible manner, William Scheinman's quirky, metaphysical novel, White Light, replete with all of its dreamlike nuances, grim foreboding atmosphere, and otherworldly Ick! factor. What transpires in Mindflesh isn't presented via corny, over-simplified exposition, yet we manage to achieve an intuitive grasp of the phenomena that unfolds. The result is a movie that challenges us with its imaginative concepts, yet is not hard to understand.Chris (Peter Bramhill) lives after dark, quiet, solitary, driving a mini-cab through the swirling night fog along the damp asphalt traverses of darkened London. Dimmed neon signs, empty boulevards, abandoned parking lots, the lonely, sleeping city is his domain. Issuing from the receivers in his cab is the distracted soundtrack to his nocturnal patrolling, a mottled, perpetual backdrop of scratchy radio traffic -dispatch messages, police reports, weather bulletins, and static. It's a world alien to that which most of us are accustomed.Chris finds out just how alien it can be.He may have some special sensitivity. Chris is haunted by murky half-memories of something awful from years ago. Increasingly, he suffers from terrifying dreams and hallucinations. From a book, he encounters the hypothesis that trauma warps our plane of existence, creating holes in the fabric of space time through which various phenomena cross between parallel worlds.Chris's suppressed angst, unmet inner need, wistfulness, and loneliness radiate from him like an aura. By chance, it catches the notice of an enigmatic stranger with a similar perceptive gift.During his travels through the urban twilight, in shadows, out of the corner of his eye, in his rear-view mirrors -is it a trick of the light? - Chris gets mysterious glimpses of an apparition, a woman (Carole Derrien ), solitary, resolute, watching him.Her appearance is accompanied by electromagnetic disturbances. His automobile compass spins wildly. Radio transmissions warp and undulate, becoming unintelligible. When Chris approaches the mystery woman, she vanishes into a smoke trail, shimmering out of sight in a spiral of mist.Chris desires her absolutely. An inter-planar transcendence takes place. The woman achieves a physical manifestation, acquiring form out of thin air. Has Chris willed her into this world, or has she willed herself here, entwining with our plane of existence in order to entwine with Chris?She flickers in and out of earthly reality, until In an example of utter Pygmalionism gone awry she materializes from the skeleton up. Organs fill in the gaps, skin follows. Slick with lymph and blood, basking in the presence of Chris's humanity, she finalizes like a caterpillar transforming in the chrysalis.She is a quantum Goddess; sex incarnate, saturated, oozing, seething with desire. She and Chris engage in a ghastly, slimy, ethereal coupling, an obscene union of heaving, illicit, inter-species sex. In her amorous frenzy, the Goddess trashes Chris's apartment, seducing him tirelessly, repeatedly, transforming him into a quivering lump of catatonia. She pulls him into her alien universe and he undergoes a bodily transformation into her peculiar native anatomy.Problematically, some very frightful aliens make the scene. They have heavy grievances about Goddess leaving her plane for the earthly realm. They're willing to do some very nasty things to get her back.!Chris is burdened with the job of returning her, and sheer hell awaits him if he falters. To achieve his salvation, Chris must discover how the Goddess is linked to a sinister episode in his deliberately obfuscated past.But how?Mindflesh is colorful and wonderfully twisted. Arban Ornelas's score effectively reinforces its vivid imagery and seamlessly blends the film's segue-ways. Patten's striking cinematic technique is captivating and compelling. His transitions between scenes, the way he melds flashbacks, dreams, and hallucinatory experiences artfully conveys their meaning in a manner that's concise and logically accessible to the audience.Mindflesh is almost a 10 Pints Of Blood horror film. It just misses the bullseye. Chris's Achilles heel is right out of a famous Greek tragedy. The effect is melodramatic. More surprisingly, in the otherwise sound screenplay, there are a couple of easily avoidable logical flaws which occur later in the story, We try to overlook these incongruities because they pale in comparison to the movie's sensationally striking visual and imaginative elements. For a horror movie, Mindflesh is in the top tier, sporting visual effects and horror styling reminiscent of Altered States, Videodrome, Hellraiser, Possession (1981), Species, and Splice.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins is a decent film. It is RJ Stevens who is a talk show host that visits his family in the deep south. Martin Lawrence and James Earl Jones give good performances. The script has some funny moments but has a little slow in some moments. Malcolm D. Lee did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the humor and romance.

Amanda H (br) wrote: I was ready to give this a 3-star rating, until I saw the last 25 minutes or so of the movie. While I don't necessarily LIKE the ending, it's very effective and really has you on the edge of your seat. This was better than I expected it to be.

Elliot A (mx) wrote: An emotional true story of Andrea Stander, the decorated police captain turned bank robber. Tom Jane is a camillion when it comes to adapting to foreign roles. The South African Police Force has a long standing history of brutality and going overboard when it comes to violent crowd control. Captain Stander had seen enough, the corruption had gone to far. It was time to take matters it to his own hands. Excellent performances by all actors.

Stephen L (mx) wrote: The setting was genius and the photography was excellent but the build-up was just a little too long and the pay-off and ending could have been a little bit better.

Walker S (fr) wrote: Beautiful women cheesy movie true camp and it's crap I love the video games but dead or alive is a pitiful movie

Brendan N (us) wrote: Hanks is great but the film is very flat in the final third. I think the love story was too much, just a few little hints for a connection would've left an ambiguous ending for the character. The ending felt like a tack on when this film is more an indie story and the heart strings weren't required. Maybe the book spelt it out but the film didn't need to, just annoyed the filmmakers didn't lose that unsatisfying conclusion to what was a 4 star film.