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Chris W (ca) wrote: Pearl Jam cemented themselves as being one of the best, most influential, and tightest bands over the past two decades plus, and this documentary, going by their 20th anniversary (of the release of Ten, not their formation), is a loving tribute/celebration of them, their music, and the factors that brought them together, and keep them going.Cameron Crowe is a great choice for this material, having a knack at music related films, and being relatively close to the band to begin with. That, and thanks to his movie Singles, he has a vast love and knowledge of the scene that they got the most famous during. The film, in the first half at least, is well balanced and structured, and gives a lot of insight into how the band formed, as well as hitting highlights of their career chronologically. A fair amount of time is also spent on the Mother Love Bone era, and that's where some of the more moving parts of the film are, right up front. The second half is fine, but really runs out of steam, and is oddly structred for some wieird reason. Some of the biographical stuff about the guys, and what lead them to Seattle happens in the first half, while the rest comes later, and seems really rushed and shoehorned. That, and in general a few thigns get glossed over, with Crowe making the assumption that the audience will already be familiar with things, and have the prior knowledge of what he skims over.Unlike VH1's Behind The Music, this doesn't get overly sappy, sensational, or melodramatic. These guys actually look at things very matter of factly, as opposed to being overly nostalgic for the past, and bitter that those days have gone by. I really enjoyed hearing their thoughts on some of the most well known high and low moments though, and how the film isn't afraid to get into the uncomfortable parts of the band's history at times.This is a pretty decent film. I'm biased because I love the band and their music, but for a casual viewer, this is a decent primer, though they might not be able to appreciate some of this as much. Still though, Crowe did a good job, and I can't really see someone else doing a much better job.

Pritam D (ru) wrote: not gonna waste much of my time but it's a duty to save others from this pain so.... "IT'S A COMPLETE BULLSHIT"

Shanna (ru) wrote: hey dis movie is awesome watch it people

Evan K (es) wrote: Succulant: un mot dj connu.

Lilianetty l (kr) wrote: I must admit at first I was like Dog poo? Really? Dad what where you thinking by recommending me and my mom this korean short film? And when I started watching it....I could not stop my tears from falling down. Defenetly the shit made me realize how bad the world is even the humans....don't mess with the NATURE!!!Plot: This is the story of a dog's poo. He in the meantime will meet some friends (I saw the film in korean with spanish subs), and this friends will tell him what they were doing in the past and how they end up like they were now. Poo is trying to find his purpose in life and why he was created. I tried to realize at first why he was created, but then, I did, and I cried even harder. The moral of the story? Check the movie, is a purpose we all need to share and really, live with it. Nobody knows why we were born and what is our purpose, but we all have one. Some know it at first, some need the time to figure it out as Poo did (won't spoil his purpose, watch the short to find out!). Stars for this wonderful korean short? YES!!!Music: Since I watched it in it's original language/accent (Korean), I think it had the feeling and the music that was needed, and I must say the score helped A LOT! Maybe it was one of the reasons I cried so freaking hard LOL. Seriously, the musicians did a brilliant job and nailed it in every part of the child's tale. Now I will always think on Poo when I get to see a human saying "I don't know my purpose" or "Why God created me or my parents did me?" Stars? Yes! Music is an important element on a film, short or play (theater).To end this short review, 5 stars of 5. Why 5/5? It's amazing! I loved it, enjoyed it, and I would love to share it with everyone! If you want to see in english without subs, go to YOUTUBE (is in parts). Anyway, enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL AND BE LIKE POO!!! (literally).

Joanna G (ru) wrote: this movie should jump off a cliff

Sherry M (fr) wrote: Found Kate Beckinsale a little cloying, plus she plays an idiot. John Cusak makes it watchable.

Wesley B (fr) wrote: Very interesting look at the play. Unfortunate that Pacino is usually typecasted into gangster/cop roles all the time. He can do a lot more.

David W (nl) wrote: Set in the 1980's USSR and based on the murders of Ukrainian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, Citizen X is based on the true life events of Soviet Russia's most prolific drygulcher.Don't let the age of the film fool you, it is with out a doubt the finest tale of the pursuit of a psychopath that I have ever seen and will keep you glued to the screen as it very slowly (and very masterfully) dials up the tension and your investment in the characters at the same time. Stephen Rea and his supporting cast bring a bitter time back to life with gripping effect and rightly deserve high praise for their portrayals.Highly recommended.

Kristina K (mx) wrote: I expected it to be much much better. It was just OK. Carmen was terrific though.