An alluring housewife Tiasha (Rituparna Sengupta) seduced a professional photographer named Raja (Angshuman Gupta) in her trap to kill her husband Sekhar (Arindam Sil).

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Wiebke K (ru) wrote: Not even sure why the movie is called Dawn Rider, unless there is a book. The best thing about this Western is that it is not set in a desert climate but instead in a party of Wyoming that is actually nice and green. The plot has some good parts but is slow, and sometimes the characters should just be a bit faster figuring stuff out. Sutherland's role is a bit on the unnecessary side, and it is kind of fun to see stuff in the movie that does not make sense.

Krutik A (gb) wrote: Great atmospherics and build up. Not so good in terms of execution.

Louise D (de) wrote: Quite a promising start as a political thriller but then goes completely loopy for AGES and AGES. Kind of a hoot but not intentionally.

Chris M (au) wrote: This is a hard film to like, as it's so unremittingly grim in its depiction of the feral youth who control Harry Brown's London housing estate. There is truly nothing to redeem them (kind of like Eden Lake), which makes the final third of the film, when it ramps up the violence, much less interesting than the first half.The set up is great - Michael Caine is genuinely frail and vulnerable as Harry Brown. The death of his wife in the opening sequences is heart-breaking. His friendship with Len feels authentic, two old guys making the best of what they have left. But the kids, blimey... the opening police interrogation scene rings the alarm bells for what is to follow. Emily Mortimer seems so out-of-her-depth it's impossible to believe she's the pick of the crop in the Met, that she could have chosen any job. And her male colleagues are universally incompetent or corrupt or both. And the kids... we're given what feels like an eternity of them f-ing, blinding, and generally improvising everything they can to the camera, with the only direction to be as offensive as possible.All of which means that by the time Harry Brown takes matters into his own hands, you're willing him to get on with it, and right quickly. Sadly, it's all a bit strung out and hyper-violent, with an ending that clearly wants us to think this is a modern-day Taxi Driver. Well, Michael Caine is great in this, but this definitely is NOT up there with Scorsese....

Irwin W (it) wrote: Good film. Nice dystopian ambiance. Well worth a watch.

Megan (fr) wrote: good brazillian movie

Dave B (au) wrote: Worst movie I have ever seen. Biggest waste of 95 minutes of my life.

Kyle G (mx) wrote: A pretty good movie, featuring the comedy and horror of the leprechaun.

Jani M (us) wrote: Damn I just looove 80s movies. The fashion, big hair, soundtrack, straight forward story, mad streetgangs and healthy female form as ideal (and plentifully shown in mandatory group-shower-scene). Movie is pretty typical revengestory where Linda Blair's deaf sister is raped and retaliation will follow. Linda Blair was just absolutely brilliant as crossbow wielding leader of female gang. Another memorable part was played by John Vernon as school principal. Shame that screamqueen legend Linnea Quigley was in such a small (but important) role. So movie was extremely entertaining but can be recommended only for fans of the era.

Chantal S (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorites. I used to watch this over and over and over again as a kid.

xGary X (jp) wrote: When a self-serving operator in a WWII prison camp is suspected of collaboration with the enemy, he is forced to uncover the true culprit. Another of Billy Wilder's cynical classics, there is a lot more humour in the material than you would think. In fact it is often so broad it can resemble an extended episode of Sgt. Bilko, full of fast paced wise-cracking and army camaraderie. It is Holden's character of course that provides the real drama, and he plays it pitch perfectly. Unlike most prisoner of war films that are full of stiff upper lipped heroics, his cynical attitude never wavers and the sharp, witty dialogue makes for some fine black comedy. Easily one of the best examples of the genre.

Neal J (nl) wrote: The opening of As Good As It Gets introduces us to Melvin Udall, a popular and successful romance writer who just so happens to have OCD, and he's about to throw his gay neighbors dog down a trash chute. Later we see him re-enter his apartment only to lock and unlock his door three times, and turn the bathroom light on and off three times before throwing a perfectly good pair of leather gloves away. His apartment is well organized, even his candy dishes are color coated and originizied by volume. Melvin is not a nice man. His OCD prevents him from using a filter when talking to stranger or people in general, and he sure can't walk on cracks! Eventually Mevlins neighbor, Simon(a superb Greg Kinnear), is robbed and left beatin and unable to take care of his dog and Melvin is forced into babysitting by Simons art dealer/business manager played Cuba Gooding Jr. The dog is a cute little fur ball that melts Melvins icing heart and gives the audience a glimpse at melvins true character. The real heart of the film however is Helen Hunt. A single mother and waitress in Manhattan who lives with her mother and ill son. Melvin has breakfast a lot at her restaurant, and always at the same time and same section. And obliviously, it's Helens section. From there the film delevops into a romantic comedy. Jack Nicholson who plays Melvin won his third Academy Award and Helen Hunt won her only for best actress. Although I contend a perfect rating for this film, I still vote Titanic best picture of 1997. What makes As good as it Gets so damn good is not just the acting or writing, but James L. Brooks direction. Every now and then a director writes or is given a script that fits what they do so well. Think ET or Raiders of the Lost Ark for Spielberg, or the Departed for Scorsese and you get the idea. Watching this film makes you think it was an effortless project, because it flows so naturely. While Terms of Endearment might be James L.Brooks masterpiece, As Good As It Gets is his swan song.

Faisal A (gb) wrote: By every standard of good filmmaking, Constantine is a mess. Yet I did not find it one of those so-bad-it's-good affairs. I honestly enjoyed it. An enjoyable, immoral and sometimes beautifully Gothic tale. It's the Matrix meets The Exorcist (with a little Chinatown thrown in for good measure).

Muffin M (us) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Alex B (it) wrote: Communists, freedom fighters, fighting against the forces of reaction, fascism, in Ireland between the world wars.

Zach M (fr) wrote: Only watched this movie for Bruce Campbell and Angus Scrimm. Angus Scrimm is the man.

Trenton R (es) wrote: The animation is in my eyes an improvement over Public Enemies, but the story feels rushed at times and could have benefited if it had time to establish characters and relationships better. Despite that though what's there is satisfying and it defiantly benefits from superb voice acting. 3/5 Decent

Emmanuel S (de) wrote: Just watch the Flintsones and all their oversized food jokes instead.