Tristan et Iseut

Tristan et Iseut


Who's afraid of giants and dragons when you've got love and a couple of magical mischief-makers on your side? In a magical land, the brave knight Tristan and the beautiful Princess Isolde meet and fall in love. The evil schemes of envious Baron Ganelon threaten their love, but they'll get by with a little help from their friends-the wiley, wood-sprite Puck and a feisty fairy called Teazle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tristan et Iseut torrent reviews

Erin M (gb) wrote: I found this movie to be quite entertaining & true to life. This is in a big part kind of like my life story. I found it very relatable & witty.

Dave J (us) wrote: Written and directed by Jennifer Kent centers on a single mother, Amelia (Essie Davis) who has just lost her husband and the relationship with her only son, 6 year old Samuel (Noah Wiseman) asking her to read the scary pull up children's story called The Babadook who may or may not exist in the family home.

Timm S (br) wrote: Very Misleading Title As There Is Minimal Focus On The Little (Kids?) Fockers. The Story Really Re-Boots The Original 'Meet The Parents' Premise With No Steam Left In The Tank. The Jokes Are Done, By The Time It's All Going We Have 20-Min Whereby It All Fizzles & Fades Bluntly In A Family Argument. Very Cringe-Worthy Finish To The Series.

Luis G (us) wrote: An extremely captivating and thought-provoking film. Anyone with an opinion on art owes it to themselves to watch it.

Taina M (jp) wrote: it was so scary when i did watch it! There was BLOOD and EEEGH!!

Mikael K (us) wrote: Omar Sharif and the young Pierre Boulanger work well together in a pleasant film that doesn't quite capture the charm of the novel, even though the adaptation is very faithfull. Very low key and subtle, this is a movie that contains true human warmth as it celebrates diversity and unity alike.

Taylor B (ag) wrote: Great psychological thriller/mystery.

Kevin E (de) wrote: Very atmospheric that is semi-effective. Too bad the script is horrible and some acting is really bad. Worth seeing once, and Alice Cooper's cameo is fun.

Vincent E (nl) wrote: Exuberant blood-letting, a kick-ass vengeful heroine, a terrific soundtrack, and some beautiful camera work; will there by anything else?

Kim B (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this little romance story although the tragic ending was predictable. The love story could've been better developed and the film didn't have a whole lot going on so at times it was boring. I did like the musical score and loved the cultural references as the Chinese have an eye for beauty and a rich history and culture. I learned that Hong Kong isn't really part of China like I always had thought.

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

sandi (kr) wrote: i love Edge!!!! i thought the movie was not too bad, it did have some funny parts in it. i think edge could have a good acting career ahead of him but it has to be a comedy film