Three city kids are taken somewhat reluctantly to a farm out in the forests of Sweden. There they meet the resident country kids who's rosy cheeks and youthful antics mirror the apathy and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trollsommar torrent reviews

Matt G (gb) wrote: Seriously, people? SERIOUSLY?! THIS is the movie critics are in love with?! Jodorowsky has been making movie's for way too long to be dealing with his own confused daddy-issues in such a blunt and self-pitying way. Maybe I'm missing something, but this movie did little more than creep/gross me out and annoy me with its endless pretension.

Graeme A (de) wrote: Unsatisfying ending without loose ends being tied up. Could of come sooner. Also what parent lets there kid disappear for a whole day, for days in a row without finding out where they have been

Brian S (ag) wrote: Awesome!!! Sometimes there are movies so specific that if you aren't familiar with the in jokes it mostly misses, but if you loved Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Hamlet, and a bit of Vampires, Literary Allusions everywhere and a bit of that B Movie feeling, you'll absolutely love it!!! one of my favorite bits: Julian Marsh: uh, Hi, I'm julian Marsh, I saw your add in the paper. Creepy groundskeeper: I requested an Aryan Bodybuilder. Julian Marsh: Do you know where I go about the Directing Position? Creepy Groundskeeper: Oh! That Ad!

Gregory W (ca) wrote: ok i gotta say it thr3e is no seven though it tries to be the next hannibal lector or other sereila killer movies!

Carlos Z (jp) wrote: Decent plot and a moralistic tale

Ryan C (ru) wrote: It's an exciting movie that builds all the way to the final drum-off and it's some of the catchiest music you'll tap your feet to.

Tony D (ag) wrote: Entertaining and fun...did this ever come out on DVD?

Gavin D (es) wrote: Rules of Engagement is very unlike the other works of Friedkin. Honestly, I had no idea he had directed it until the end credits. For the most part the film is droll, and though I care about the characters and the courtroom scenes are interesting, Rules of Engagement is overall a disappointment.

Abbie P (gb) wrote: Completely unrealistic but easy and fun enough to watch. The kid is far too cute and kept my interest going despite too many jokes about women that work at Hooters. The roguish charm of the characters and the mushy romance must have pulled through because I was rooting for them all in the end.

Robert T (gb) wrote: This movie blew my mind apart. Excellent on every level. Also the soundtrack was super catchy.

David P (gb) wrote: I've watched this movie about a dozen times and it never loses the eerie tone David Byrne probably intentionally built into it. Apparently there are some 50 pairs of twins in the movie, something you can't spot unless you're looking for it. The narrations feel like an alien colony sent an anthropologist to study humans in a metropolitan TX city, and these are his findings. Plus the movie is punctuated with Talking Heads songs, some of which are, in my opinion, really good. Especially "people like us" sang by John Goodman.

Jeff W (au) wrote: He's mad and he owns his own tank. Problem solved.

Eric H (ru) wrote: This is definitely one of those comedies that suffers from the passing of time. That era is gone especially for the dad side. It's really superficially silly now especially the home and grocery stuff at the beginning. It was probably a little silly back then as well. The mom side of the movie is still good. As he gets more into housewife mode, it gets more realistic. The movie's heart is always in the right place. John Hughes is able to write a very nice light hearted family movie for his first big hit.

Naoya K (jp) wrote: A work of a filmmaster.

Jaws N (ag) wrote: I actually thought this was kinda funny...

Rob P (au) wrote: A silly little horror that is actually better than expected and with completely unknown but pretty good actors with real Irish accents.

K D (br) wrote: I thought this was an enjoyable, comedic movie, but I actually felt a little "disturbed" in a way, while watching it. It really deals with what anyone would do given certain circumstances involving money and fame and its sad that even the most strongest things can crumble at times. What I really felt bad about was how Dino actually got with Orville's wife and that reminds of the jerks today who can move in and take any girl they please. It still was a great movie however, great performances, but I just couldn't hide the fact that I came away a little angry.

Mike C (au) wrote: Wow, not even five people have rated this one on imdb, and no one really has rated it on flickster/facebook either. I really wanted to like it, and gave it a generous rating, but it's just a little too much. The town is a little too quaint...if it's going to be that small and have that much going on, well I don't know what to say. A whole lot takes place in this movie, in this small town, with these few people, in about eight hours. On top of that, the twists are fairly predictable or disheartening. It does accurately capture a few smalltown elements, and there is a certain grittiness to it, much like Larry Brown novels. Bre Blair is a super fox and fits the role of redneck queen of sorts well. I finished it with no problems and liked that not everything was pleasant, but it's just too busy and unbelievable to be taken too seriously.