Maren, a young girl, is the sole survivor of the Black Death in her Norwegian village. Using instincts, folklore, luck, and the clairvoyant powers granted her by being born with a "Victory ...

Maren, a young girl, is the sole survivor of the Black Death in her Norwegian village. Using instincts, folklore, luck, and the clairvoyant powers granted her by being born with a "Victory ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yihi W (br) wrote: Perfect sense of uneasiness indeed.

Coralie R (br) wrote: Although I found it difficult to understand Pasha's motives, the story itself manages to say volumes with minimal dialogue. The scenery is gorgeous, and the isolation is very much felt during the film.

Greg S (kr) wrote: An agoraphobic young man remembers (or hallucinates) a trip he took across Europe with his hard-drinking, sexually voracious, gambling-addicted pal Bunny. Starts off with an interesting premise but it gets lost in sketch comedy-styled road trip scenes (including a tasteless bit about a homeless Russian dog herder); the high-artifice art direction is sometimes brilliant but stylistically inconsistent, as if they ran out of money halfway through production.

Grant S (ca) wrote: The story of Johnny Cash, music legend. From his time growing up on a small farm in Arkansas, to his time in the US Air Force where his musical talented first started to manifest itself, to the early days of his career, through the trials and tribulations of being a star and beyond. We also see his relationships, particularly with his older brother Jack, his father, his first wife Vivian, and, most importantly, with June Carter.A wonderfully engaging and entertaining biopic. We get to see the Johnny Cash story, warts and all. It does seem to concentrate on his relationship with June Carter too much, but this is necessary, as this relationship shapes his life, to a large extent. Well told, with solid direction by James Mangold. Is fairly linear in its telling, but there's a vibrancy and energy to it all that keeps it going.Joaquin Phoenix is fantastic as Johnny Cash, perfectly capturing his mannerisms, especially those on-stage. Similarly, Reese Witherspoon is wonderful as June Carter. The chemistry between them is spot-on. To add to the brilliance of their performances, both actually sang in their roles - no lip-syncing to Cash/Carter recordings - and they absolutely nail it. Phoenix got a Best Actor Oscar nomination and Witherspoon a Best Actress Oscar for their efforts.Talking of the music, as you would imagine, it is great and captures well the genius that was Johnny Cash.

Private U (jp) wrote: It's never too late to learn.

Plural V (jp) wrote: Frank makes you feel smart just watching. You're going to want to leave your 9 to 5 and be whoever you wanna be for two hours.

max m (us) wrote: 1st Billy Film helped rewrite ending

I dont know w (fr) wrote: This is a once in a decade film. It's so amazing in every way possible. The plot is tremendous, the acting is great, and the cinematography is some of the best I've ever seen. Every question that I had about the movie was answered quickly. I had a couple complaints, though. The first one is that the movie is to depressing. It's not to big a flaw, but it's just nothing in the movie is uplifting at all. Also, there was a couple people who tried to hard to act and some that didn't try enough. This isn't as much as a complaint, but I find it weird how they never show the face or the body of him. I was a little shocked, considering the movie was taking a surreal approach. The reason this movie is so depressing is because you get so attached to the main character and you don't want bad things to happen to him. I find this to be a very underrated film. The flaws I mentioned above were the only flaws I noticed. I like it because the whole movie is about war, but it only focuses on one man, who is showing the aftermath of WW1. If you don't mind getting depressed, this is an excellent movie.

Christine D (ru) wrote: Awesome! Great story and even better acting.