Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills

A Beverly Hills housewife in the middle of a divorce tries to find focus in her life by taking over her daughter's Wilderness Girls troop.

With her marriage breaking up, Beverly Hills housewife Phyllis Nefler boosts her self-esteem by leading a local troop of Wilderness Girls, only to discover that it's not as easy as buying cookies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ru) wrote: A crass and unfunny movie, I felt bad for the actors who had to recite the inane dialogue. Skip this movie.

Dylan K (kr) wrote: another reason why i despise Jai Courtney

Dunstan W (it) wrote: good grief there are some poor films in the world. rubbish story, acting, sfx and plot

Travis K (it) wrote: loved the concept behind the movie and the debate between what is considered art and what isn't, but the roll out of the plot was not the best. also i thought i would have been more funny. anyway i only looked at it once, maybe my opinion will change the second time round.

Stef L (mx) wrote: Let's get something immediately out of the way. The Death of Mister Lazarescu is not a comedy. It's not "black Romanian comedy" or satire, it isn't a spoof or a "hospicom," or any hybrid of the comedy genre. There was no intended emphasis on humor (for evidence, please see the director's interview in the DVD extras). Those reading comedy into it, "black" or otherwise, apparently come to the film with such a fixed and deep-rooted world view that they can't imagine post-communist rubble or the lack of compassion therein. There are moments of absurdity. The same absurdity I saw in so many instances traveling in Russia, Estonia, Poland and Albania. The kind of absurdity where you wonder how those in control come into that power without the ability to think for themselves. It's a kind of Reductio ad absurdum which hangs over post-communist mindsets in want of a governing power to wisely -- or otherwise -- instruct them. Absurdity in and of itself does not automatically equate comedy. I do not and cannot understand how one makes that jump, and I certainly don't understand the willingness of the distributors in the poster above to promote the film as such. Glad we got that out of the way. So what is The Death of Mister Lazarescu, if it's not, as its promoters claim, 2005's "Most acclaimed comedy of the year?" It's about the value and dignity of an old man's life simply as a human being. Lazarescu has made a lifetime of wrong choices, the greatest of which is the alcohol he's shot down his throat for years. The story is also about his good and caring neighbors in a wrong and twisted system -- those who care to help him, and later, those who can't be bothered. The film is comprised mostly as a series of set pieces over one long night, which, unfortunately for Lazarescu, is the night of his rapid decline. He is suffering, with stomach problems and headaches. He is throwing up blood and falling asleep drunk. He is dying, and the events of this night will show his last. As he rapidly loses control of his faculties, dying slowly in front of many different people, we find that he's closest to the people he's been in closest proximity to for years -- his neighbors and the people right across the hall -- and he's only another ER drunk to unsympathetic, power-tripping doctors, and specialists, and their staff. When you see the film you tend to only remember the last two hours (and it's a long film at 150 minutes, but it flies by when you're in the middle of it). You remember the endless parade of paramedics and receptionists, nurses and medical assistants, doctors, specialists and surgeons. They've all had a long night already. A multiple-car traffic accident has brought in a huge number of victims. By the time Lazarescu shows up, they're already too tired to deal with him, and maybe too tired to care. After all, they can't always be this calloused -- right? But when you see it, make sure to pay attention to the tight proximal communion of the neighbors in the first forty minutes. See how they know each other by name, and even their kids' names, and which kid belongs to which neighbor. See how they lend to their neighbors in need, or how they offer food and their help in Lazarescu's hard-fought night. They might be pushy at times, but they're neighbors and they know it, and when push comes to shove they care for one another. Later, contrast this tight proximal communion with authoritatively distant and dictator-like doctors and staff wrapped in political bureaucracy rather than a commitment to the dedication of care. You'll see that the doctors who have written Lazarescu off are like rich and powerful tyrants passing over the poverty of their people. You'll see a different kind of absurdum adding up. You'll see a new kind of communism, wrapped in the guise of "optimal health care." It's a one of a kind film, simple as it's been described here but profound in ways that make you think. I couldn't get it out my mind all day after seeing it for the first time last night. Dressed up very much like the dogme I just reviewed Here, I'll once again call it, "No bells, no whistles," just fantastic, straight-faced (albeit absurdist) reality. In that sense it reminds me of the other films from the Romanian New Wave that I've loved: 12:08 East of Bucharest, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, and The Other Irene. In an age of "right to healthcare" issues and the state of human rights issues across the globe, The Death of Mister Lazarescu remains a perfect tale to probe and ponder, a story we should glean from when we think of our neighbors.

Vaibhav W (au) wrote: Felt like a meditational drama with too much nudity without any purpose

Grant H (au) wrote: This was pretty bad. Compared to the first movie, it's one of the worst movies of all time. On its own, it's still pretty bad.

Bloodmarsh K (nl) wrote: Vincent D'Onofrio always reminded me of a poor mans John Malkovich - he's an actor who could be very good, if he ever gets over his mediocrity. 'Happy Accidents' is just one of his problems - a mediocre film, where he can't seem to rise above it's mediocrity. He's not exactly a new actor either, so I doubt he'll ever accomplish greatness. Maybe on Television.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: a darkly funny and original comedy I was very happy with the calaber of acting from geoffrey rush and the others, it was funny, sad, sadistic and all together a very good film, i highly recommend it if you want a good laugh, a good film and an important one at that.

Dave B (de) wrote: A very silly film, not taking itself seriously, it plays simple yet effective gags with the zany and wily character Sgt. Ernest Bilko. It's very reminiscent of the unrealistic comedic stunts seen in sitcoms and many comedy films. Where it lacks in proper plot, it makes up for it with the witty comments and various amusing antics

Faith S (br) wrote: I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JeanMarie L (fr) wrote: Film sensible avec quelques bons moments, mais la ralisation est loin d`tre la hauteur.

Pavle M (de) wrote: So bad it's good and hilarious.

Zachary M (fr) wrote: Why haven't there been more movies to feature cowboys and dinosaurs together? Seriously, it's two of every man's most beloved movie elements from the age of three until death. As a film, the movie is a solid dino flick with a decent cowboy flick massed together to form one okay movie. Of course, the real stars of this film are the dinosaurs. Once again brought to life by special effects master Ray Harryhausen. Like all his films, you get a real sense that these creatures are living beings, not just obstacles that exist only when they need to. When Gwangi appears in the morning he is seen scratching his nose. This is s a real animal living a real life. In just those few seconds, he feels more alive than 90% of all CGI creations combined. I hope you're taking notes Hollywood.

Tom H (es) wrote: Lee`s second outing as Dracula in this third installment of the Hammer Dracula series (the second one was without Dracula and had a plot about his brides). Interesting fact, Lee refused to speak any of the dialog scripted because he thought it was horrid and daft. For this reason he does not have any dialog at all in the film. Lee himself has described the film as his only "silent film".

Anthony K (kr) wrote: " peace drugs & madness..."

Anthony J (br) wrote: Excellent comedy. Nicolas Cage at his comedic finest. James Caan and Sarah Jessica-Parker are two perfect actors that support Nicolas Cage. Not for everyone, silly at times but if you want to laugh for 2 hours, see it.

Private U (es) wrote: its lack of plot puts eraserhead to shame. but it was well shot and the score was bitchin