Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer

A couple on holiday in Haiti become involved in a series of savage murders linked to a doctors a new invention, a drug with extreme side effects.

A couple on holiday in Haiti become involved in a series of savage murders linked to a doctors a new invention, a drug with extreme side effects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tropic of Cancer torrent reviews

Amirah B (us) wrote: Hmmm... Nothing gr8. Just another movie...

Onur G (fr) wrote: Inanilmaz guzel bir film olmus herkese tavsiyedir.

Nicki M (it) wrote: Decent Norwegian thriller. Liked, didn't love.

jen b (ru) wrote: umm its like a monster porn... but the gore was goodRANDOMEST ENDIN EVER!!!... A TRANSFORMER??? AND A SINGIN MEXICAN??? WHAAAAAAAT??

Facebook U (mx) wrote: Relatively typical thriller with a different point of view. The killers are revealed past half the movie. The suspense starts higher and slowly abate during the first half. We get to know the characters a little more. We follow a couple that is not as sympathic as your regular film hero along for a walk along a scenic trail of Hawa. Well, of course the end is excessively violent. How else to end the movie, unless there is a part two coming? Got to have a movie that stands alone. I definitely love to watch Milla play. Hence, I was perfectly fine following her and her chosen mate on the trail. I did not find the time long. Perfect little scary/slasher/love story. Bring your little psychopath girlfriend or boyfriend to watch it with you. Bwahahahaaaa!

Scott S (ag) wrote: A convoluted crime story involving gangsters, drugs, street thugs, hackers, and photoshop (?) that never really seems to coalesque into any sort of feasible plot. Puzzling through the crime mystery is an exercise in futility however, because the film's main focus lies in Yu-jin's strong feeling that she's experienced this day before, and somehow knows that it does not end well.Yun-hyeon Jang uses a number of film techniques to convey Yu-jin's deja vu throughout the film. All of which are engaging and clearly express the sensation without needless exposition. Cool, in other words. Soo Go is serviceable as the hard-nosed, rebellious, fabulously quaffed cop, and Ji-hyo Song rocks the house as a frazzled but determined woman desperate to avoid their oncoming doom.Not great, but enjoyable.

David L (kr) wrote: Based on the Agatha Christie novel 'Ten Little Indians', this story pieces together ten strangers who come together at a motel as a result of being stranded by the impacts of a storm. It turns out that these characters are actually just pawns in a sub story to the main event of a man who is being sentenced to death for multiple murders. It then becomes apparent that this man actually has a split personality disorder and each of the individuals in the sub-story forms one of his personalities. As the ten beings then become whittled down by the one murdering individual amongst them, it is then the job of the defence lawyer to prove that the 'killer' personality did eventually die in the tragic events at the motel that night. It's a wonderful adaptation which is full of unforeseeable twists and turns, and plenty of action throughout. It's a classic whodunit mystery in essence which I guess we would come to expect from its Agatha Christie roots, but it's not obvious where the blame lies as the finger is pointed in every direction at one point or another. To be ultra critical, the intensity does peter out a little once we reach the final few characters and the mid-section comes across somewhat rushed in comparison, and appears to kill off several victims in a short space of minutes. Having said that, the ending sequence does add a good final twist so we aren't left ruing what could have been. It's one of those films which I can happily join midway through and still become engrossed until the end, and despite already knowing what happens, will still enjoy watching over and over again. I just wish there were more adaptations of Whodunnit Novels as this is clear evidence of their potential success.

Lisa J (br) wrote: Fun early 90's movie. Hilarious to watch now.

Aidan M (es) wrote: Very slow moving film.

Shane D (nl) wrote: Started. Did not finish. Very bad.